What are the criteria for selecting people to be an on field official in the CFL? Able to walk, chew gum and breathe all at the same time? Do they attend any sort of 'school'? Are they rated by head office ( in toronto no less)? Are they fined for poor calls? Are they demoted? Do they travel as a team as in MLB, or are they an ad hoc gathering each time? Do they start as line judges and work up?
We the fans need a weekly report from head officiating stating the number of calls in the last week of games, the number of blown calls and the number of calls not made but should have been. Since there are more than 1 game played per week there would still be some anonymity for the offender, but it would provide us with some sort of yardstick to measure their effectiveness.
If a player blows an assignment the result is there for all of us to see. We assume the coaches will work that out before it happens again. If an official blows a call we see it but can do nothing about it, and it appears that no one does anything about it. Games have been lost due to poor officiating with no recourse to the loosing team. The players on the field cannot question or pass judgement, nor can the coaches or team management. No one it seems can do anything to admonish these people.
I realize there is a percentage of calls that humanly are going to be missed but...

It seems like the level of accountability for officials has improved since Tom Higgins took over, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

You may recall that an official was disciplined last year for providing false information that led to JoJuan Armour's ejection from a Calgary game.

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Read these: [url=] ... al_armour/[/url] [url=] ... 9a2f7e6061[/url]

It will give you a flavour for how things work...or are supposed to work re CFL officiating.

Oski Wee Wee,

Every one of them from the crew on Wednesday night should be disciplined for missing the obvious (hard to miss) tripping call. The guy who was about 4 yards away should be suspended at least.

No kidding eh? I mean...there job is to watch THE PLAY. did they miss the trip? What the hell were they watching if it wasn't THAT PLAY? Were they looking at the snot on their fingers?

Clear there is something going on with the way Ticats are seemingly targeted by the officials , even more so when at Home, all the cfl fans waching at home could clearly see , the lopsided calls and noncalls the Ticats have to overcome just to stay in the game,s take a look at the hit on bc,s qb no call yet Ticats get 3 roughing the passer calls in a row all for loss of yds, all taken away by the bias officials, How Can the CFL and the CFL commissioner allow this when P.R is so important in Southern Ontario, if the CFL is to survive in Hamilton IT HAS TO STOP , let the Players deside the outcome of games. IMHO !!

Thank you for the URL references.
They helped generally, but there still is a nagging doubt in my mind that the 'Cats get a fair deal on the field. The officials claim to be unbiased but I guess the only way to prove it to myself is to watch all CFL games, tape them, and count the calls and non calls. Unfortunately my mental state right now precludes me counting anything except my fingers.
I have read the officials and the CFL scan these web sites but I think I will write my concern later today to the CFL head office and Tom Higgins. If I get any replies I will pass them on.

Every team's fans hate the refs. Forget the conspiracy theories. The officiating is unbiased. Incompotent maybe but unbiased. The only people the Cats need to get angry at about the penalties are the Ticats's McDaniels fault for tripping over the Argos leg. He should have avoided it.

True all fans think their team has the short end of the dirty stick. However, I think 'Cat fans have more than a leg to stand on in this area.
Yes we get peanalties that are due, but there are so many uncalled against us that you have to wonder. Receivers with their jerseys almost pulled off in front of officials, no call. Receivers decked more than 10 yds from scrimage. No interference pass interference calls. Drives stopped for 'holding' or offside. QB crushed after releasing the ball; QBs hit below the knees, or in the face. Kickers trashed.

Consider Belli. When he played for the 'Cats he was continually called offside on critical plays. Since he became an Argo the calls against him have almost disappeared. Did he suddenly learn something? Did he change his style?

Sure it is supposed to be a rough game, but if the penalty calls, or not calls favour one team then the game becomes frustrating for the players and drives us fans crazy

The thing is the Ticats benefit equally by the non-calls. The real problem is that the Cats commit more real fouls in the first place so it looks like the refs are ignoring the other team to the fans with the black and gold sunglasses when a call gets missed. If you watch carefully you'll see that every team gets dinged by non-calls and phantom calls pretty close to equally. I generally laugh at the fans of IWS when they get on the refs since more often than not the refs are correct and the fans are not

Personally I thought the refs were a joke for both teams.

I said in a different thread. No one lost because of it, no one won because of it.

They were just plain awful. Of the four games in week one....this crew was by far the worst.

it seems that at every game there are penalties that just should not be called and penalties that are blatantly missed. the unsportsmanlike call last week when the argos were deep in the east end of the field was a good example of what not to call. our player was trying to get around the argo and bumped into him, that was all. and for that the flag came out. these refs need to be more accountable.

The officiating was bad, for both teams.

But did it cost us the game? Yeah, possibly. If the kicker doesn't trip us, he could have scored a TD and we would have down by 6 instead of 10. That was going to be a huge momentum boost for us and I think you see a different game because of it.

We are all homers and see the penalties different than the refs. That's okay because we are that passionate but the calls that were missed screwed us.

Look at the first quarter fight, each team should have got 2 unsportsmanlike penalties and the only thing we get penalized for is the offside. Instead of 10 yards, they get 25 yards. That led to another TD for them.

These small things do have a major outcome on the game. You in theory could say that the Cats should have been up 14-13 at halftime.

The bad officiating actually helped us last game, out receivers jumped offside at least ten times last game, none were called. There was one play were someone was at least 5 yards down field before the snap and no flag was thrown.

who are you that you think you have a right to be informed of all that is football officiating from week to week....there are people that address this, Tom Higgins is his name and I think he works very hard to improve things....but certianly not on your mandate.

It's called the CFL, get used to it. It won't change any time soon.
Ask yourself this. How often do the Als get screwed by the refs compared to the Cats? The answer might have something to do with difference in the level of experience and dicipline between the two teams

I felt this way while wathing the game and right afterward....however, the Cats have to start playing with some dicipline and win some games before there will be any breaks we may or may not get from officials. Champions overcome adversity (including officials) if they want to to the cats I say...overcome and don't look back cause bad officiating will always be in the CFL

I suggest if you do this, ask questions and show some respect...that is if a response is what you really are looking for. If your intention is to belittle the refs and accuse....don't expect a reply.

True....oh so true. Well maybe a little ticked at the bad calls.....but your statement is bang on.

True enough.

Also true.

Bottom line, no matter how bad the officials are...and it is frustrating.....I can tell you this with 30 years of Hockey playing behind can't start focusing on the officials. You have to play your game and focus on the game, if you are diciplined you make it very hard for the refs to screw you.....if you don't play with dicipline....well you get what you deserve.

When there is a bad call, the players have to forget about it, not argue, not get all pissed off. Line up for the next play and stay focused, it's the only way to overcome this scenario......the good teams and smart players learn this.....the rest....well they take 25 penalties a game and don't learn from this and go 3-15.

And just who are you to think we shouldn't have this right?

As a paying fan I would certainly like an official explanation as to why my team got burned on that tripping play.

Ask yourself this: How often have the ticats been royally burned over the past few years?

Just off the top of my head, a challenge on a fumble that the league eventually admitted should have been allowed, a face mask call that on the replay clearly shows that it was the argo that face masked the ticat, (this was a few years back), but it was the ticat that got the flag, to this most recent tripping non call. There are others too, I recall a critical play at the end of a game where I believe it was Bauman that was blatantly pushed away from the ball he was trying to catch, and no call, I believe it was against Edmonton.

But of course, these problems would disappear if coaches were allowed to use their limited number of challenges to challenge any ruling on the field.

Since, as you say, "It's called the CFL, get used to it. It won't change any time soon.", then we should accept the fact that officiating is bad and any ruling should be something that can be challenged.

There was also a major non call last season. Printers threw a bullet pass, I forget who the intended receiever was, but it didn't matter, because the receiver was tackled (yes tackled) while he was running his pattern, the ball went to where the receiver would have been had he not been tackled, and the ball was intercepted...AND NO CALL!

And there is nothing that can be done about these things.

And it's extremely frustrating to watch.

So I hope they do something about the challenge rule to allow all rulings on the field to be challenged.

Of all of the individuals who could have been appointed to this "spotters" position,
they had had to pick Jake Ireland..............couldn't the powers that be, chosen somebody who can
follow the play on a small screen or several small screens. Personally, I don't think this clown could see the plays during a live game that he was apparently officiating. How can he possibly see what's going on while viewing a monitor?
This bag of stripes screwed too many teams and fans out of righteous outcomes over the years.
Hey Jake don't go away mad.......................just retire!........ Period!

Well, it's just that now he may be able to screw several more teams in one night rather than just the two he was trying to cover.

there isn't a team in the league that hasn't been screwed by a missed/blown call. This extends to the NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, not to mention your nephew's little league team.

To say that the Ticats have had an unfair share of bad calls, or are victims of a conspiracy is, to put it bluntly, a crybaby mentality. The trick is to play well enough to put yourself in a position where one bad call doesn't lose a game.