Im sure it could be done but often they cant get the virtual first down line in the right place so I doubt they could with this either

Normally I don’t get into these ‘the ref sucks’ threads. I figure hey a call goes against you this time, you’ll get one next time. However, I have to admit officiating this year has been absolutely terrible.

Blatant missed calls, plays called dead prematurely, it’s just been really poor this year.

Yeah? Care to name one such incident? Bet you can't.....

Anyway, regarding the no-yards calls, the ref definitely missed the first two--replay clearly proves that for those who claim otherwise, and missing those likely contributed to the later dirty hit from Browner. But overall, the refs have been much better this year...other than their inability/reluctance to call holding against the Lion o-line, they've been good all year!

You disagree with Lady and that's fine. It looks to me like she was stating her point of view and the whining is coming from your post.

First of all
When you quote 2 people, you cant tell who you are refering to.
Second, who every you are addressing, that person is also stating thier point of view

Its within a 5 yd radius around the returner. It is hard to judge, but there are a lot of players who are within that area that never get called for no yards.

You're tenacious, if nothing else ...



Perhaps we can get jm02 to teach geometry instead on English! :lol:

From my view I thought he was within 5 yards even if he was off to the side. It doesn't really matter anymore though.

Hey, ro, not to throw stones, but didn't you, way back when, start a thread and even attach video of plays you thought the officials blew?

What was different about that?

ro1313, stopped doing his videos because a few posters “Trashed” him over a few selections.

I miss ro’s videos, I too wish he would do them again.

Apparently you can't decipher context . I was only bringing up what I did to point out how we all tend to only see the infractions that are against our own team . I didn't really care about the infractions I referred to as they did not make any difference anyway . The fact is some one here started a thread about how their team ( in their own eyes anyway ) got jobbed on certain calls , but of course that poster would not notice when their team benefits from missed/incorrect calls . And yes , the Riders are beneficiaries of such calls too. So while the poster is finger pointing ,I merely pointed back .

Fair enough. But the videos were in support of his own "refs blew these calls" thread. And he was bashed exactly the way he bashed this guy.

Vehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhllly eenterlesting.

I see you never bothered to actually read them......

They were titled "You be the ref!"
I posted the video and left it up to the posters to deside as to whether or not it was the right call.
If it was a call for team X, I was accused of hating team X. If it was a call for or against my team,, then I was whinning.......

Now you say I was bashing the refs.
Thats why I dont waste my time posting them anymore!

I only recalled the one where you posted 4 anti-Montreal calls in the Mtl-Sask game this year.

If you did others, fine. I take your word for it.

I think we can end this by agreeing that CFL officiating blunders are as imbedded in the game as fighting is in hockey. There may be many who don't like them, but neither of them are going away any time soon.


Ro, you're just too bull-headed. And sensitive. That's a bad combination for an internet message board.

But I'll always luv ya....

He did many others - the 4 for the price of 1 deal was just the last one of many.

Sure would be nice to see them again, but it’s all volunteer work so we must be thankful for whatever we get.