Are the officials incompetant or biased?
I was at the Rider - Stamps game and couldn’t believe when the officials missed a “No Yards” call. The tackler was clearly within the 5 yard limit and - punting into the wind, the official should have been ready for the ball to hang. To have a second call, more obvious - missed on the next punt really makes one wonder. This time, the yard line was an easy marker and the tackler only 2 yards away when the catch was made. It was obvious in real time - and even more when you look at the tape.
Last game, the official missed an obvious face mask call - right in front of him. This was the play that caused the beer throwing incident. Not an excuse for the action of the fans but - another example of missed calls.
The league seems to be quick to fine coaches or managers for critasizm but doesn’t seem to be very quick to do anything about trapsing out the same old, marginal official team game after game - and then wonder why someone acts unprofessional. Maybe it is the level of the bar their officials set!

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try doing the job yourself.

I agree that the officials have a difficult job and that the human element will come into play, so we need to cut them some slack.
But that second no yards no call is an inexcusable miss. the official was in the right spot, and it isnt even close.
Im doing my best trying to give them the benefit on the doubt on close/judgement calls... but there is no excuse for missing that one in a pro league.

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Have a read and quit your bs whining:

That's right your view is homer bs , nothing more.

buddy you need to calm down. These officiating threads pop up EVERY week. If a call is missed Higgins will get on his officials. The officiating this year is much better than it has been and will continue to improve.

I love how Rider fans completely ignore how missed/bad calls were the difference in many of the Rider’s wins early in the season.

The play you are speaking of, which I bolded, you can see the player wave his hand a few inches from the Rider player's facemask- in order for it to be a penalty, he has to grab any part of the facemask, and Marsh did not touch him. If waving your hand in front of a player's mask constitutes facemasking, then you would easily see a dozen calls like that per game. It was a good non-call, you need to get over it.

Miss one call - shame on you
Miss the same call - same game - shame on the league

Its over and done with…give it a rest

A team creates its own breaks, and the Riders did that by working hard.. shame on them!

The so called facemasking missed call was correct by the officials. Pat on the back for making a correct call on a tough one.

You know, this gets old awfully fast. Refs do miss calls on occasion - they're only human and, unfortunately, it happens. But good teams manage to win despite this.

To whine after a game about missed calls is pointless and irritating. It's over...time to move on.

Refs do miss calls, but I just don't know how they could miss those no yards calls. It happened right in front of him and that's what he should have been looking for. That really shouldn't happen.

Wow but this is plain sad. The officals I feel are doing a good job. Just maybe it is a preception problem of some fans.

I didnt see the game but there is one thing you have to remember. Just because the returner is on the 30 and the defender is on the 33-34 does not mean he is not 5 yards have to concider the distance in a diagonal line as well.( if you understand what I am trying to say)

The one thing about me is, once the players are the slightest bit sideways, and not just directly north and south, it becomes up to the officials estimation as to if they are inside 5 yards. I think that rule needs tweeking somehow.

what do you suggest?

not sure. working on it.

One possibility might be technology for off field official with direct mike to on field official. The computer could paint could paint a 5 yard circle around the returner and freeze at the moment he catches the ball, then the off field official, being the only one to see this cirlce, not the rest of us on tv, could tell the ref right away if there is no yards.

I saw the game and this is exactly what I saw, if it's the same play being refered to . The player may not have been 5 yards away vertically , but was off to the side . From video you can not tell how far away laterally the player is but that is what happened , the ref figured he was close enough to 5 considering the lateral distance.
Really , get over it , there was no no-yards infraction and no facemask either . You could see both callls were correct on TV , but go ahead and whine away anyway . How many missed calls did your teams benefit from BTW? I know in the BC game the Riders got away big time holding on the BC d-line all game long , so why not point that out too? Seemed the rider o-line specialty is holding , but that's ok . Why only notice missed calls selectively?

Gps on each player?