is it just me or what this year the refs are bordering on incompetent bc vs montreal 4 calls totally not there today sask vs toronto tell me that cates was in the endzone no way the cfl has to fix this in a hurry

It's not just you.

I concur - the CFL must set up a direct line with furniture so that when there is a questionable call he can be contacted and make the final decision.

Everybody is forgetting that Joseph also fumbled the ball on his touchdown run. Many missed calls lately, but it is still better than no replay.

Joseph recoverd his own fumble anyway.. it still would have been a touchdown. There have been a lot of close plays, and the officials have gotten most of those wrong, IMO.

^ agree

funny how no one really mentioned the Joseph fumble yet guess it wouldn't be conducive to giving the refs the credit for the Riders wins.

Admitedly tho the reffing in the Rider ARgo game was horrid

Well in that case if the ball already broke the plane it doesn't matter if he then fumbled it. IIRC the refs called a TD and then the ball came out. If I'm right in those details the refs made the right call. Once the ref signals a TD, end of play. I agree that was close though.

Ball was out before crossing on the review. Just watched it on TSN again.

He fumbled before crossing the goal line Blue. It should have been challenged by the riders, but it wasn't.mAQ challenge would have given the Argos the ball on the one anyway.

there is nothing to fix, unless you want robots and other robot run technology doing 100% of the job.

Our refs are no more "incompetant" than any of the other leagues refs in any sport in any world. Why the hell dont you ignorant people quite whining about the refs after every freekin game. If any thing ever makes me walk away from the CFL, this will do it. I am getting sdo damn disgusted. Over and over again, clearer heads point out how refs are human, mistakes will always happen, there is no way to totally eliminate it. Its part of the game. Mature fans accept it and move on, knowing that in the end, it all evens out. One can either enjoy the best of what our league has to offer, or sit back and cry about every little flaw, over and over and over again. Damn you constant whiners anyhow.

OH, and FTR BTW - I was convinced that the 1st and 3rd attempt was no td and that nobody and no camara could see as well as the refs on second attempt, so if I wanted to, I could dis the refs on that TD, but I choose not to. I also believe it was a fumble, but I choolse to be ok with the call. It was a great game and someone won and someone lost, so be it.

Thank you, FYB. I, too, marvel at how microscopic this board becomes after each game.

A little perspective: there are, say, 80 plays in an average game and each play has 24 players who could potentially cause a penalty or not. Thus, in 1 game, there are over 1,900 "instances" that can cause penalties. Let's say total number of missed or wrong calls = 5, that's about 1/4 of 1% of potential instances. Suppose it is 20 - it's still barely 1%. Most people's rate of error in typing (especially on this board!!! Joke !!!) is way higher than that.
It's okay for [insert your name here] to be human but a ref cannot be. Yes, it's his job, but it is a data entry clerk's job to type properly and they don't get it right all the time; it is a doctor's job to heal someone and they don't get it right all the time; it is a builder's job to build a sound structure and they don't get it right all the time; get my drift? It's not because they are not professional (in each of these examples) at what they do that they make mistakes; rather, it is that, being professionals, they may fewer of them than those who would try to do the job but are not in that profession. Same for refs.

I know I must sound like I'm anti-TSN, but people should resist the urge to react based on what the announcers are saying. These guys are colour commentators who are paid [well paid at that] to create tension and excitement for the viewing public. I happen to think they do the sport a disservice through their antics of attacking officials to make their point. Who among us wants to slap on some stripes and grab a whistle when you think you'll be attacked in the same way the pro officials are? Where do you think PRO officials come from? They have all been recruited from amateur ball.

Here's another observation - many people don't know that CFL officials ALL have other jobs (except maybe Jake Ireland - well, maybe he works for the CPP office ha ha ha). Being a CFL official is not a full-time occupation like it is in other sports and isn't paid that way either. These guys spend their vacation days from their regular jobs to come work CFL games. Some of these guys are salesmen - anybody here in sales will tell you that there are serious costs to not coming to work that stretch way beyond the cost of your vacation time. The league flys you to games, overnights you, and ensures you don't starve but the amount these guys get paid doesn't even come close to compensating them for lost work time.

The league has decided to have Thursday games. Imagine what this means. You fly Wednesday, work a Thursday night game, and fly back home on Friday. That's 3 vacation days right there. If you get 13 games a year, that's 36 days away from work (it probably looks a lot more like 20 days because the schedule changes to weekend games). In many parts of the country, employees get between 10 and 15 paid vacation days. Makes me wonder how they afford to take a couple of weeks off with the family for a summer (winter?) vacation. Imagine how your employer feels about somebody just buggering off for a few days here and there.

They do this, by the way, for the love of the sport. No matter how much it seems that way, these guys don't get out of bed in the morning trying to find new and creative ways to piss the fans off.

The league needs to continue to spend more on development and recruitment. More needs to be spent in the primary recruiting ground on consistency. The development fans are talking about costs money - big money.

Believe me, I have all kinds of issues with things I see that there is no benefit to bringing up here. In the mean time, the officiating hasn't deterred from the entertainment quality of the onfield product. Is it possible that the players have created situations where they're relying on the call to get what they want?

Referees are human beings, therefore subject to human error.

For every blown call on one side, you can usually find one on the other. It's just part of the game.

It's not perfect by any means. But a good team will win despite a blown call or two.

I was a ref in soccer. Just like football, the game is fast. You have to make on the spot quick decisions on how you interpret what you saw, and be willing to defend that decision. Refs are human and try their best. It is easy for all of us sitting on our A**es, drinking beer, watching slow motion replays and think we know everything.

I would like to thank congratulate the refs for trying to do their best.

Kudos to the refs.

And how many of you have sent your applications into Tom Higgins? :roll: :roll:

Hockey, Basketball. NFL, CFL, you will always get complaining about officiating. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Who would want their job, yeling screaming getting cussed at no matter which call you made. :roll: :roll:

Personally, I thought they were doing a better job this year than last year. :thup: