I know some have complained year round about the refs but tonight was one of the worst officiated games I have ever seen. Something has to be done. Even the commentators on CBC felt calls were missed. I hate to say it but CFL refs are a joke!

Disgraceful. I have never said that in 30 years, but it is true tonight.

I would like to see something done...the ref's were only calling Procedure calls and I think one pass interference, when there were probably 4 or 5 visible pass interference infractions.

I'm like you rattlebone, I have always defended the officials but could not stand it tongiht. Lets not forget about unnessary roughness call on Armour in the 3rd which was follow by a edmonton TD. Took him down to hard.

They are truely ,sickeningly, embarrassing, ignorrantly terriable! If that wasnt a flag for interference then no body should watch this sad league ever again! I guess when you are that baddly goated in this league the refs can find ways to make us lose!

I am disheartened with the lack of consistency in officiating between teams and between games. Hamilton continues to get cheap penalties, whether defensive pass interference or rough play. Most of the time at critical times in the game.

If your going to call penalties, make sure your consistent for all. Did anyone see the spear on Brock, a non call, yet we get called in BC on a third down when the LB goes head first into the line.

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the game but I saw the highlights.Can anyone tell me if Charlie Taffe tried to challenge that last play to Bauman, when he thought he was interfered with. Can taffe actually challenge that play?? Just curious to know the ruling on that.

You cannot challenge a penalty or a non penalty call

I don't believe that the play was challengable. I DO know that you cannot challenge a penalty.

thats too bad for the cats!!correct me if Im wrong but is it the same with calling challenges in the NFL.

who is betting on the game ? refs?

I believe the refs are betting on these games and I will no longer support the CFL until there is an investigation into this problem.

I agree with the poor officiating but what about the poor COMMENTATING! Those CBC guys were brutal too. I heard on at least 2 ocassions them say 'Jason Lumsden' and then they keep going on about Darnerien Cants and this being his 'first' game and his first catch! The guy played last week! Give me TSN anytime!!

Wouldn't they be betting on the Cats then....they pay the most?

The Cats were favored to win by many..

I thought that last night's game was no worse than average for CFL referees. There were some blatant PI miscalls and very uneven, inconsistent calls on late hits and unneccessary roughness. I didn't feel like the Cats were blatantly 'done in' by the refs, I just felt like they never got a break.
As I lay sleepless and angry last night about the football game in general and the poor play on all sides of the ball, I reflected upon the fact that the Cats never seem to get those breaks from the officials.

In fact, in three of seven games this season, the (unbiased) TV commentators from both networks have accused the referees of stealing from Hamilton a chance to win the ballgame.

This alone should be cause for concern.

That unnecessary roughness call was a joke…don’t get me started on this challenging bs…

So obviously Marcel would take heat for publicly criticizing the refs. But what is the official or proper way to question the league about the number of dumbass calls or non-calls? Send a tape to the CFL Head Office? Especially a copy of that spear by Loftus on Ralph.

Why Do The Ref's Do This To The Tiger Cats? Do They Hate us? Our City? Our Pride? It's Obnoxious To see games go this way. They say that EDM hasn't lost 3 games in a row in 20 years. Well maybe it's because of Games like this where they don't get called for penalties that are so obvious anyone could spot them.

I wonder if the refs get together and laugh about how the tiger cats always lose. And i think it's kind of unfair that we get called for everything, and other teams get away scott free.

I wish the commissioner of the CFL would investigate this. I think if The Commissioner saw the plays we are talking about, he may agree with us.


I've noticed something a little different.

Last year when people on this forum would complain about the officiating, Bob our Caretaker, would chime in and defend the officials. Saying something like it's easy to blame them for the loss.

With even more talk on the same forums about the officials ineptitude this year, Bob has been suspiciously silent on the issue.