Officiating woes

Admitedly, I haven’t watched many games this year, but after watching tonight’s game, it sure seems to me that the CFL officiating has gotten worse.

They call a cheap RTP to start when a QB ducks into a tackle, then miss 2 the other way that literally knocked the QB’s helmet off. Plus a facemask where the defender grabbed the face opening and used the helmet to rip the runner’s head back.

I’ve mostly stopped watching because of declining play quality, but damn! If this is what the officiating has gone down to, I’ll be watching a lot less!

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The first rtp call that took away the safety was due to incidental contact with the arm as the qb ducked into the hit. The command centre upheld that

Fine gets hit in a helmet to helmet first contact hit and silence …. His helmet goes flying

Happens again … silence

Rider player gets his head snapped back by a lion player having a grasp inside his helmet and pulling. Yes it was accidental but was very clear on the replay …… no call

No one felt the riders would win this game …. But no fan deserved to watch that officiating

The league was lucky no serious injuries from those hits.


You missed the helmet to helmet hit on Fine when he threw his INT


I honest to god.didn’t know the cfl.had not banned grabbing.the inside of a players helmet and pulling.their head back

Im grateful the player wasnt injured on the play but it’s odd.that the cfl.allows.that play. Someones neck is going to get broken if they dont change.that.rule


The sack on Fine , his helmet came off because BC’s man ran his whole arm around his neck, it should of been called. No difference than the Call we got. BS penalty calling!!


Fans cheering it …… not all but a lot. I just really hope the cfl steps in this weekend and bans the grasping the inside of a helmet for a tackle before someone gets seriously hurt

And for the head shots on the qb …. Maybe when there are no more qb’s left the cfl will apply the rules the same ….


Again Last night proves they must not allow officials to drink on the Job! I am not a rider fan however that RTP call was a complete egg on the face for officials

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It wouldn’t surprise me if Lions continue to get the benefit of the officials calls until Grey Cup. Then it’ll be called evenly. Amar needs to sell season tickets for 2024 that way more people might opt in for Grey Cup tickets. :wink:

It felt like watching a scripted wwf match


Well the stamps lost to the redblacks , so that might help the riders a bit. Can;t rely on the league to do it.

It was not only the Rider/Lions game. In the Calgary/Ottawa game,Crum was hit downfield by Awe. No call and Dyce challenged. He lost but I can’t figure out why. If you look at the play Awe is leading with his head, his arms almost behind his back. His shoulder hits Crum in the face, Crum losses his helmet and the command center syas this is a clean hit. makes you wonder…

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That one really floored me.