Officiating thread

There's been much discussion of officiating in several game threads. I thought maybe a central thread would be appropriate.

The past couple of weeks have seen some really boneheaded mistakes by several of the crews. Whether the calls change the final result is debatable, but they are definitely affecting the games. They are certainly affecting the league's credibility.

Apologists will say "it all evens out". My problem is that it shouldn't have to "even out". The league should be getting it right way more than they do.

I know it's a tough job, and I know I couldn't do it at a pro level. I couldn't be a pro player, either, but that doesn't stop me from being able to recognize elite skill when I see it. Same with officiating. And the officiating this year is not elite.

I don't care how bad the refs are In other leagues, I'm only talking about the CFL here. And right or wrong, the CFL has a perception problem when it comes to officiating. Personally, I think the problem is deserved.

Rather than getting into team-based rah-rah sessions, or "this guy has it in for team x", let's recognize that the guys in stripes are doing the best they can.

Let's talk about solutions. What can the CFL do to support its officials and bring them up to the same level as the players?

Personally, I think they should be full-time employees during the season at least. Pay them enough to live on so they don't need to spend 40 hours a week at a regular job. Let them use that time to train, to prepare, to watch game film and evaluate. We wouldn't expect players to perform at a competitive level without these tools, so why do we expect our officials to be able to show up on game day and be magically ready?

Let's get all the crews together every week to train together. Preferably for more than a day at a time. This can only help with consistency, as they will see the same film and listen to the same analysis. This, again, would require they be full time CFL employees, as no one could get away from a regular job for the properly required time.

Let's build a national officiating program from the grass roots up. This may already exist, and if so, augment it. Baseball and hockey both have such programs. Can they be emulated?

I liked the exchange between CFL, NFL and NCAA officials. Pooling resources makes for better training and a bigger talent reserve to pull new officials from.

I'm sure there are other, better ideas out there. If you have one, share it.

I fear if we don't fix this, the league will continue to suffer and may slip into oblivion.

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For sure they do, I am not saying that they do it deliberately to affect the game but I once read the 800% of flags lead to a score...that affects the game

I agree, the only think I hate worst than a bad call is a make-up call

I want to bring in MLB for a second.
I really believe that MLB umpires are full of themselves and they feel they have the right to do what they want. I saw a video the other day where a pitcher complained about balls and strikes and the umpire walked the next batter, No doubt what so ever that he was deliberately calling balls to show up the pitcher

Now I said that to say this I don't believe in silencing coaches and players when it comes to the refs! If a coach or player has a beef then he should be free to say it without fines or suspensions!

Probably the only way you can improve the poor officiating in the CFL is to make them professionals with the appropriate continual training, practice and evaluation. But I doubt the CFL could afford it.

Can anybody accurately say how many officials we have in the CFL and what they are paid now?

No…but I’m sure you’ll get some wild theories shortly…

hasnt made NFL reffing any better

This season, I'd be willing to try anything short of old Turkeyfeather flying a drone overhead and dropping random flags. (end sarcasm)

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We've got to try something. Any ideas?

that certainly isnt what I hope for. I'd like to rationally determine the cost of full time officials to the league.

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I'm not sure that officials in the NFL are fulltime.

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one thing I would do is make the review process a one and done review at game speed.
We are trying too hard to be perfect.
perfect can be the enemy of good

From The Sporting News...

Ron Barss 25 Down Judge
Al Bradbury 72 Referee
Blair Brown 44 Back Judge
Larry Butler 59 Back Judge
Marty Carreau 57 Down Judge
Thomas Cesari 36 Down Judge
Brian Chrupalo 73 Field Judge
Mike Ciona 92 Side Judge
Emily Clarke 39 Side Judge
Murray Clarke 22 Field Judge
Marc Cobb 89 Line Judge
Fred Cooper 41 Umpire
Iain Cropper 65 Side Judge
Steve Dolyniuk 56 Field Judge
Chris Donaldson 93 Side Judge
Dave Foxcroft 30 Referee
Dave Gatza 75 Back Judge
Rob Hand 68 Back Judge
Walt Hawrysh 81 Line Judge
Rob Hill 63 Down Judge
David Kendall 50 Field Judge
Tim Kroeker 74 Referee
Pierre Laporte 18 Back Judge
Patrick MacArthur 61 Umpire
Jason Maggio 37 Field Judge
Ben Major 31 Referee
Justin McInnes 67 Down Judge
Richie Miller 34 Umpire
Dan Mulvihill 83 Line Judge
Adam Paradowski 45 Side Judge
Jocelyn Paul 47 Back Judge
Andre Proulx 28 Referee
Kevin Riopel 40 Side Judge
Troy Semenchuk 24 Umpire
Chris Shapka 19 Down Judge
Rob Skaggs 46 Back Judge
Ryan Stark 52 Side Judge
Jordan Titosky 49 Line Judge
Tom Vallesi 60 Referee
Andrew Wakefield 27 Line Judge

So we have 37 officials. Thanks

Ok, so 40 officials. Add 2 replay officials.
Say 100k per year (not bad for full time for the length of the season). That's $4,200,000, less whatever they are already making.

Whatever travel and accommodation are now, double it to allow for a training trip during the week.

Say $500k per team. Less whatever they are paying already.

I think it would be worth it.

40 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I'm impressed, can you now get me their phone numbers, I have a couple of $$$ I'm looking to invest..... Just joke, I paid in advance

Is your 100K what you think they get or what they should get

They get more like
30K for the highest paid
11k for entry level

What I think the should get.

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give us your best guess at what that total would be and what you think the budget is now ro.