Officiating Question... what a surprise

Question re the disqualifications and penalties after the "fight".

There were apparently offsetting roughing penalties (one against each team).

TiCats had 1 player disqualified and Riders had 2 disqualified PLUS an objectionable conduct penalty.

Riders were only pushed back 10 yards (equal to the objectionable conduct call) from where Joseph was tackled and the play called dead.

What happened to the extra disqualification? (1 for each team canceled each other out) That penalty is a player ejection plus 25 yards.

If anything, Riders should have had 25 more yards tacked on to their penalty but for some reason they didn't. Where did those yards go?

Plus as has been mentioned, Cats seem to get called at the most inopportune times (ie after a great play or away from the play (the illegal contact on a receiver 50 yards away from the action)). If holding can realistically be called on every play, why do we get nailed mostly after making something good happen?

Re inconsistency... #30 (sideline official along south side) was only 15 feet away but missed (or declined to call) a Rider receiver who was obviously offside by a full stride over the line of scrimmage and yet IIRC, he's the same one who called the Cat's illegal contact well away from the play (Riders deep in their own end).

I don't know what's worse this year, frustration with the Cats play or the questionable officiating.


Beat you to it :slight_smile:

what about the bomb cassey threw and i forget what reciver it was to but he was clearly pushed and no call?

I believe it was Nate Curry

Does anyone have a clip of the "tussle" in the 4th. I had to leave, and didn't see it.