Officiating Part 2

I just noticed a link in the upper right hand corner of the home page that puts us to the CFL home page. On that is a Link to the CFOA - the officiating groups home page. Has that been there long? Good reading if you haven't visited it.

Anyway with 5 games played I think the officiating has improved over last year. Still not the greatest, but, may I say, vastly improved.

What HAS vastly improved is the challenge procedure. Jake Ireland has been making all the right calls on the replays…

i would agree that the refs are much better than last year but i think they are better than what the fans think. First of all everything looks different on the field and second of all i hear fans every game complain about the refs making calls when i actually saw what they were talking about. sometimes it is just bias but there was only 1 call i did not agree with monday. unfortunately i can not think of which one it was (although it was big)