Officiating Needs An Overhaul --- Just Brutal

I know it's not just me now, last night on the Lapo show Paul was clearly not pleased with the officiating on Sunday and why should he be. This whole season the officiating has been "inconsistant" and to be blunt just brutal. Lapolice stated that he would like to see more consistant officiating FOR ALL games and ALL teams, and this is not an excuse for the BB losses, but have seemed to be getting worse and worse each game.

Winnipeg - 9 penalties
Saskatchewan - 4 penalties

Honestly a late hit on Buck was not called but 2 late hits on Durant were called, at least 3-4 BLATANT holding calls (or should i say non calls) against Goodspeed himself, it is getting pretty ugly (the officiating) and the league needs to ADDRESS this issue a.s.a.p. Seem as though some teams have more "leeway" than other's when it comes to calls/non calls and it's just ruining the game and quite frankly is giving the CFL a bad name. Beginning of the year the nylon was flying on every play (penalties where no penalties occured), now it's the middle of the year and the nylon is glued to the refs pocket (non calls) to me that is total INCONSISTANCY. There is a fine line on most penalties i understand, but that fine line has been strayed from so many times and has actually cost teams games (not only the BB'S), HAM VS CGY was a great example.

What does the league do? I am no expert but it starts with the officials reading/knowing the rulebook and calling penalties on a consistant basis for all teams and it seems that they are not doing this. Hire competant non partial officials, maybe bring in officials from the states and have half Canadian and half American (dumb idea i know but makes sense), add another HEAD referee. I don't know exactly how the league should address this but they HAVE to. Let the debate begin!!

I agree; they better be on the same page before the Grey Cup game at Commonwealth as far as I'm concerned.

....You know, most times i cut these guys in the stripes some slack but after that last game in sask., i have a lot of concerns...It;s a tough job reffing in this league or any other league for that matter but cripes, when some of the most obvious blatant calls are being missed on one team and yet borderline ones are being called on the other, you have to wonder..One play for instance that stands out, was the obvious tackle of Hunt by a sask. o lineman, when he was in pursuit of the rider qb...It apparently evaded the sight of the ref who was following Hunt on the play :lol: :lol: We aren't angels either in the 'holding' dept. but man-o-man we were sure getting flagged for our trangressions while the o line of the roughies obvious holds were going undetected :lol: Still makes me laugh when i think of it how farsical it looked...If Higgins can't get a better handle on the officiating in this league then i think he better pack it in...I said in another thread that we need a serious -upgrade with the regard to reffing in the CFL ....i think it's time... :rockin:

Keep in mind that 2 of the Bombers penalties had to do with the time clock running down and there were 2 obvious penalties on one play late in the 4th quarter (Ralph offside, LaBatte procedure). I'm not saying that the refs didn't miss thing. I've posted a number of times about the league-wide problem with the lack of holding calls and I do agree that there were some hits on Buck that have been called more often than not in other games.