Officiating last 5 minutes last night

I can’t believe there’s not a post about this anywhere.

What’s your opinion on the officiating last night? I thought those were 2 blown calls, like DB said, he’ll get a letter of appology, but that doesn’t help him win games and get points in the standings.

And their off

Don't try and tell me your team's fans wouldn't be pissed if you lost a game because of a blown call.

I'll give you some better reasons why the Riders lost:

1 - They have ZERO offence
2 - They can't capitalize on turn overs (3 turnovers)

As far as I'm concerned , there were no blown calls . There were missed calls that should have been called on the riders , such as holding on one of KK's big runs. Several missed clipping calls on Rider returns , the Lions got called for their clip why not the riders? Offside was called because they were offside. The Riders were hardly called on anything , what is the issue??? Overall very few calls. No blown calls period , only whining over yet another loss that had nothing to do with the refs.
EE got it right , with why the Riders lost maybe read his post , except he missed the main reason , the Riders were unable to stop Buck Pierce at the end.

I thought they stopped him 3rd and short? Oh right, the Lions O-Lineman jumped and drew Benefield offside so the Riders got the penalty, sorry forgot.

i think the procedure call was pretty bad it didnt look like the ball was ever moved from where it was

and the offside call kk was talkin about

The Riders were beaten by a third string quarterback. Never mind the if this and if that. But if you insist here is a really good one....IF the Riders had Burris instead of Greene they would be in the same situation.

I mean the "wouldn't" be in the same situation. Typo.

Thats two funny, but very true...It's rougrh ridas out of the gate hard...cflfanforlife comming around the outside..into the back stretch they go....

Notice the Rider fans say nothing about the objectionable conduct penalty to shorten the distance in the last minute. Just another excuse. The Riders should have had a comfortable lead at halftime, and failled to capitalize on BC's turnovers.

SASK. missed 2 field goals...........and that was the difference.

They couldn't score TD's from the RED ZONE.

And SASK............defence couldn't stop B.C. at the end of the game.......................B.C............. WINS............ the game.

IMO, you never lose a game because of a "blown" call - good teams find ways to win DESPITE bad calls. If the Riders had brought their A-game, it would have never come down to two questionable fourth quarter penalties.

I couldn't decide which team sucked worse last night until I saw the final score.

At least if BC had lost, they could blame it on the fact that both Dickinson AND Printers were out with injuries. But they still won.

Riders definitely sucked more than BC did.

when your team only puts up 15 points... you can put most of the blame for the loss on the offence... the Riders offence sucked the whole game... with the exception of one drive.... BC sucked too... but they managed to put 2 good drives together... so while neither team really deserved to win that game... BC comes out on top not because of the refs.... but because they managed to put together 2 drives... where the Riders could only manage 1

I agree....complain about the refs, and Rider recievers are dropping ball like it was a bomb

Refs were not bad last night, in my opinion. The offside on the Riders when the Lions had the ball (third down) was the correct call. I spotted it before the official threw the flag. I was yelling "OFFSIDE" and then, at the end of the play, I heard the PA announcer say "flag on the play". I understand Rider fans are frustrated, as I would be too. You guys definetly deserved a better fate last night. But the Lions also had some 'questionable' calls against them last night. On the Riders last drive, Lochbaum got an objectionable conduct penalty but the refs called nothing when Holmes threw the ball at one of our players. It all evens out in the end.

I agree, you have to remember we have part time refs, they do not see everything and if you need the refs for an excuse for losing well your team is not good enough. Nearly every game there is a blown call that can effect the outcome of a game for both sides so why jump on this. It just makes you look like the town cryer. jm02 is right in the post made here.

It wasn't the refs, sure they might have blown a call or two for both teams but good teams (like jm02 said) overcome this.

The thing I was mad about was on two punting situations the Riders got a holding call when the punt went into the endzone for a single. And instead of giving up the single and getting the ball at the 35 they had to take the ball at the 5 and at the 10 yard line. And the holding calls weren't even near the play. Just more stupid mistakes from a 3-6 team. Same thing with the offside on the 3rd down play. No offside the game was over, but the offside call extended the play and B.C. scored to cut the deficit to 3 points.