Officiating in this league is something else!

How do the players deal with it without wanting to string up a couple of the "zebras" by their little thumbs? Okay.... everyone is human and some things get missed BUT come on this is getting ridiculous. At least be consistent for goodness sake.

Remember when B.C, won that game against Montreal a few weeks back because of a time clock issue? Since then I've been watching much more closely and watching for specific infractions.

Case in point: Yesterday's game. B.C. vs Saskatchewan

  1. Simon is being grabbed in the end zone and misses a good chance at a touch down. No call!
  2. Chick rolls onto Printers while he was lying on the ground. There was no way Printers was trying to get up. Even the announcers thought a penalty should have been called. No call!
  3. Armstead returns a punt for mega yards and yet clearly one of our players pursuing Armstead was pushed and knocked down from behind. No call!
  4. Simon is clearly being held and grabbed onto by the defender in the end zone that resulted in the interception that killed B.C. No call!

None of these 4 calls were so called "judgment calls" in my opinion.

That is 4 that I saw that were missed against Saskatchewan. Sure, some were missed against B.C. and some will say that in the end "it all balances out". This is not how games should be won or lost. That is not how officiating should work at this level. It makes the CFL bush league. And bush league the CFL is NOT! I'm not whining because B.C. lost. Saskatchewan was fully deserving of the win. Good for them. But 4 obvious missed calls in one game? For me that really detracts from the game. I would really like to know what kind of training these officials get. :expressionless:

Well I can see people complaining about the officiating a bit. It does seem a bit worse this year than usual.

However it has gone both ways all season long (remember the play that wasn't), so I don't see it as that big of a problem.

That's my point though Yoeleven. Games shouldn't be determined on things balancing out. The players [and the fans] deserve better. I'm not trying to beat up on the officials [and I know you aren't suggesting that I am] but I don't see it as a bit worse this year...I see it as being rampant. And it seems to be happening at crucial times in the game. I've never been a referee and I know their job is tough, especially when they've blown a call. But this "it's been going both ways all season long can open up the door to all sorts of things- like the officials closing a blind eye or being persuaded by a venomous crowd or subconciously [or consciously] trying to even things up. Who knows. Like I say, I don't think games should be decided on blown calls- it happens yes....but it should be kept to a minimum.

and the squeaked out win against montreal...if someone already mentioned this im sorry i didnt bother to read all the comments but what a screwup that cost the als the game so i guess its karma LOL

Indeed, excellent point.

...And hopefully the refs can get it together a bit more for playoffs. While I can tolerate it in the regular season, when games are down to 'win or go home' it would be a shame to see a game deciding blunder.

you mean like a botched snapfumble turnover, or a badly thrown interception, or a missed block leading to a sack, or a stupid penalty or any one of the numerous blunders players and coaches make??

I dont see how any can tolerate poor officiating in the regula season then want better ref’s in the playoff’s? am i missing something here… either officials are good or they should be replaced. But the true canadian way… its ok (as long as it not against my time). If this was baseball, nfl, college ball it would not be tolerated. In US college ball a team of ref’s screw up 2 calls in 2 different and now are suspended time season end… I just dont understand how you can justify saying we can tolerate it til the playoff… is teh cfl going to us magical dust to make the ref’s better? you better give your head a shake and expect the call that ight go against you to put your team out of the playoff’s or lose the grey cup. I am getting tired of the poor ref’s in the cfl and yes by the way i did ref up to the university level… so i do have a right to complain because some of these ref’s just suck the big one, and when the pressure gets to them the fold like a cheap suit… so now i haved my say.

Footbalyoubet, the refs are not playing the game. When a coach blunders or a player messes up the team pays a price. But they had control of it. When an official [and yes I realize they are human] blunders he becomes the 13th man and neither team should benefit from that. That is why major sports competitors/ coaches are allowed to challenge and have to call go to instant replay- to make sure the referring does not affect the outcome of the game or at least to try and minimize it as much as possible.

Rewp, thanks for the comments. If you reffed up to the university level then you would certainly recognize quality reffing when you saw it. I don't think YoEleven was meaning we ought to tolerate inferior reffing. I think he was meaning that hopefully by the playoffs the refs will have gotten their acts together and sharpened their skills. It's got to be tough making some calls for sure especially with so many distractions. The pressure must be terrible with 30 000 fans watching your every move, many of whom who "know" the game very well. It is the obvious blatant missed calls where there is no margin for oversight or error that irks me.

I'd love to see the refs interviewed sometime just hear what it is like to referee a game.

Did you guys see any bad calls? The one I seen was when zac threw it to paris and one of the rough riders was in front of him, pushing his back against him so he couldn't move. PI?

Oh yeah, and also that one play when our team made the catch and ran and was inches short, and resulted in the gamble we loss, that catch was for sure a first down. And im pretty positive one of those QB sneaks into our end zone did not make it in, neither of them looked anything close to a TD. Especially the first one.

good eye - that fat ugly ref had our dice in a vice - twice.

yep, it was the fat ugly ref who made the calls on both of them when he couldn't even see anything, they for sure didn't get in.