officiating in calgary?????????!!!!!!!!!!

what is with the two obvious offsides the refs missed on calgary????????????? tlk about home field officiating.!!!!!

that didnt lose us the game..Joseph looked wonky all game he should have never been in there

We all know that the officiating is less than adequate for this level of football. It just means we have to play well enough so that the officials do not have to make questionable calls. Take the game into our hands and the officials are insignificant! Average teams complain about the officials; great teams rise above the officials!

I agree dariderfan. And I have to defend the officials for the one play where the Stamps were clearly offside but they actually flagged us (Corey Grant) for being offside. When they showed the replay, all the announcers could talk about was how the refs made a mistake. But when you look at the replay, Grant was clearly a couple of yards offside. They never showed it again, but I'm willing to bet the official was standing right on the line of scrimmage, and Grant jumped right in front of him. So he HAD to throw the flag, and he also obstructed the view of the 2 or 3 Stamp players who were also offside. I can't blame the refs for that, but if Grant would have stayed onside, the Stamps would have the flag - the idiot!