Officiating crew named for 110th Grey Cup

TORONTO — A crew made up of the season’s 11 highest-rated Canadian Football League (CFL) officials will be taking the field for the 110th Grey Cup on Sunday, November 19 at Tim Hortons Field.

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I wonder why they never list home towns?

I do know the home town of one and I am not thrilled

All is good as long as it’s not Paul Dojack or Jake Ireland .

as long as its not Proulx.


LOL, you’re showing your age Pat.

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I say he is the best in the league


He is one of the best, but this year he is at least third best, as they have the best as head referee for the Grey Cup and second best is the backup referee, so Proulx can be no bester than third. This season. He has refereed a number of Grey Cup games though, which proves he is up there with the best.

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The league doesn’t want you to know anything about the officials. They made that clear several years ago when they took the names off their backs.

That makes perfect sense, assuming he wants to referee.
Its not unreasonable to say he may have told the league to pass the touch to the younger crowd…

I am not saying that is what happened…just that its possible

Very unlikely, but nothing’s impossible.

The officials not having names on their is for their own safety.

Crazy and/or liquored up fans have been known to chase officials after a game.


Understandable…helps to hide bias as well…other than the ones who you can tell by their name

Proulx and Tommy Valessi would be my top 2 . Tommy is the backup for the Cup game .

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That might the case at times but I don’t officials knowingly will officiate with a bias.

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They are human…its human nature…I am not saying its common, but they are human

That’s true.

But their names and Jersey numbers are available and if someone wanted to look…

You can always look online for that info.

Was surprised when the NHL did that in the 1970s and 80s.

I think they change their shirts after the game. If people are chasing them, it’s because they recognize them, not because their name is on the back of their shirt. The names were removed because the CFL wanted to take the spotlight off them. The game is about the players, not the officials. That is their official reasoning when the decision was made way back when. Look it up.


That could be it but I don’t recall CFL officials having names on their back (been following since the seventies)

But what you are saying could be right.