Officiating challenge a disaster ?

Looking at the system since the beginning of the season. The league should put it on hiatus for a year...(they don't cancel things).

The broadcaster simply do not use enough cameras to make video replay work. Almost in all situation the refs have refused to change the calls, claiming the "lack of information"

So considering how badly it slows down the game and infuriates fans more then anything should they not drop this untill they can make it work.

....but not changing the calls due to lack of information is better than what we had those instances where it is VERY CLEAR the call should be changed then it is, which is what the whole purpose of the program is for, to get the right call whenever scrap the system now is a backward step IMO.....infurated fans are uneducated fans, tough for them, learn the game....

I think video replay has been good for it's first year. Sure some challenges have been thrown out, but a lot have been changed as well.

It will only get better from here

What they need to be able to do is remove the signs and personal who are blocking the sidelines.

Makes it very difficult to see if a toe was inbounds when all you can see is a Sirius sign (or whatever), like the the no-catch in the EDM=SSK game. It may have been the correct call, and even as a SSK fan, I tend to believe it was correctly called, but if that sign wasn't in the way of the best angle, we could have known for sure.

The replay is fine. The commentators should use the reply opportunities to explain the calls to the "less educated" fans.

IMO i think if they cant get the the call right because its in conclusive, not enough video evidence. They should be able to have there challenge back, its like it was wasted challenge if the officals cant get it right? :expressionless: I say keep the challenges, the CFL is on the right track :wink:

Definitely keep it going.

Wow basicaly unanimous. That's good I guess. Good points being made. Probably one of the most unanimous polls not involving the Gliebermans!

Keep it , if a call is not overturned then it only bolsters the officiating and no one has cuase for complaint. Sometimes video shows the wrong call was made and gives the refs the opportunity to correct themselves. And yes that has happened too. We don't have a lot of cameras but that's all we got and it still helps.

I think the system has been done well so far. Going in to the season the CFL said that since there are not a lot of camera angles that some wrong calls might stand anyways due to lack of evidence.

The only time it got me upset was when there was a reviewed called in by the booth with 9 seconds left in the als argos game this year because by then the game was clearly over and it was just delaying the inevitable and the ref didnt even know what he was looking for so he just gave a bunch of football buzzwords and kept the play as it was

Leave it, but refs should show some class and get it done during the time limit.

and why not have the last 3 minutes of the lst half be like the 2nd and OT?

.....don't see this happening my big green furry friend......99% of the time the call for a coach to challenge the play is coming from upstairs and there must of been something on the video replays that prompts it.....if the call isn't coming from upstairs then it is a coach acting on a gamble, and sometimes gambles don't pay off.....

and maybe the home team SHOULD keep signs away from the field :roll: so we can see if he was in or not! :expressionless: :cowboy:

And maybe Barrett should wear a headset.....

Question: Do the on-field officials make the final ruling?

If so, this should change because the on-field officials may not want to admit that they made a mistake.

I say it should stay!
Even though they did not overturn a few calls when they should have....They did over turn more and thats what counts in the long run....getting the call right

Getting the call right is of primary importance. But getting the angles to get the call right is also important.

Each team should set up cameras at strategic locations around the field, so that all views are covered. They also must ensure that signs, and anything else that might hide a view be as far back as possible so as not to block the view of any particular camera. That way, something like the Sask non-TD might have been sure. A clear view of in/out, rather than a guess based on lousy angles.

Get better views of the field.

Inconclusive is a play on words. They do not mean that they don't know what the call should have been. They mean there is no evidence to change it!

My belief is that the while the replay system isn't perfect, it can be improved. More camera angles are needed to try to better judge if a player caught a ball inbouds on the sidelines or in the back of the end zones. Cameras are also needed to make better calls on fumbles that go out of bounds, as to who touched it last. Its only the first year for replay, so let the CFL try to improve upon it before we say, scrap it!

Actually, I'll let you in on a secret.... Turkeybend and Saskargo play rock, paper, scissors to see if it gets over turned or not.

Just kidding, I beleive I read that the Referee inside the booth decides just like the Referee in the NFL does.