Officiating at Riders/Lions game

It does seem to be the best way to communicate with you, from what I've seen.

But I stand by what I saw and said.

early in the game when it was very close there were 3 extremely obvious holding calls that were NOT called.

when they are right on your tv screen you can't ignore it. especially when it happens 4 times!!!

I wish you'd brought those up at the time. We really would have benefitted from instant commentary on it. Or even in the minutes and quarters that followed. Hold onto the past. Never let go.

You guys are all wrong. It wasn't four holding calls, it was seven.

Does it really matter if a few calls were missed? Enjoy the game for what it is. Its only a game. The Earth still orbits the sun the next morning.

It is a big deal when the officials miss 11 holding calls.

...speaking of which, why is it that Hollywood pretty much blatantly skips over the fact that time travel would have to compensate not only for the placing of a person forward or backward in time, but perhaps more importantly for the relative XYZ physical movement of Earth through's one thing to bridge time, but what's the point if you suddenly appear nowhere in deep space while Earth is light years away?...

That is aweful now that I think of it. Lets bring out our pitch forks and burn him at the stake.

You lost me...

Now you're singing cflisthebest's tune.

I thought it was 14?

that's such a loser attitude.

No, it's a realistic attitude, and one that proves people have balance and perspective in their lives. Now, let's get back to the 17 missed holding calls...

a Winning attitude is one that finds a way to make things go in their favour.

a great Football team has a winning attitude!

…so what does your whining attitude get you?

I wasn't whining.

I was stating something that was on tv..

Did anybody else lol at this? :lol:

You have no idea...

Considering I have accomplished more in my 21 years of life then what you will in your entire life time, I highly doubt I'm the one with the loser attitude.
If your happiness is based on whether the Riders win from week to week, you are going to live a miserable life. Go out and enjoy family, friends, and help those around you instead of taking things such as a football game personally.

Added a little something in there for you.


CFLisbest's whining is WORKING!!!!!

I was hugging my wife on her way to work this morning and some guy burst through the door and threw a flag at me!!!!

The worst is when he saw I was grabbing her butt....he called it OFFENSIVE HOLDING!

The fargin bastage...I shoulda called HIM for "Pass Interference" :smiley:

Okay, okay...but did he miss the other 23 times?