Officiating at Riders/Lions game

I know the refs take a lot of abuse in the media and by fans. I thought last nights game was well called and just wanted to say good job to the refs. The one pass interference call against the Lions was weak, but other than that I thought they did a very good job.

I heard some grumbling about the hit on Durant when he did a hook slide - the Lion lead with his head which is why (in my opinion anyway) he got called. The hit wasn’t really late or hard, but he lead with his head on a hook slide.

Also, unlikely anyone other than Rider fans got to listen to the “Touchdown Club” on Regina’s 620 CKRM, but Tom Higgins did an interview and I have to say - I am pretty impressed with his outlook. He knows there are issues with consistant calls, and they seem to be really working on it.

Officiating is not a perfect science at game speed, and remember we always have the advantage of stop motion replays to see what happened.

Stuff was missed each way and I figure a well officiated game is a game where penalties don't determine the outcome, calls are predictable and that mistakes either way ballance out.

Of course there were mistakes last night but I have no complains. And I'm a fan of the losing team, if anything, I should be looking for every single excuse I can find. I'll leave that to a certain somebody else who's a fan of the winning team.

[cflisthebest] I can't believe you didn't see those four missed holding calls that led to six B.C. points. [/cflisthebest]

I saw lots of missed holding calls both ways.

Ya because we nearly won with those 6 points... :roll:

Hey, those points very well could've determined the outcome of the game. I mean, you guys only lost by 24.

Well I am a fan of the winning team, and I can honestly say this....

I do not think that officiating was the difference in the game.

That being said, yes, calls were missed both ways. Overall, though, I think the Riders got more breaks than the Lions from the refs last night. One of the most notable was a Roughing the Passer call. I'm also not sure about a PI non-call early when Simon was in the Sask end zone. There could be arguments both ways on that call, and whether it was right or wrong.

It just seemed on balance that if there was doubt, it did go our way for most of the night. We've had nights where it went the other way, sometimes even worse, so on balance I guess it evens out.

Full credit to Grims for not kicking and whining. Many others would (and will -- on both sides).

I tend to be harsh towards officials, but I do try to be fair, regardless of who is playing. I didn't think it was a terrible game by the refs, but I didn't think it was stellar either.

Precisely, my dear Watson.

Fine, go ahead and Mock me. stoop to the level of a 6yr old child.

But I stand by what I saw and said.

early in the game when it was very close there were 3 extremely obvious holding calls that were NOT called.

when they are right on your tv screen you can't ignore it. especially when it happens 4 times!!!

It was Beagle's wishing that really won it for us.

LegalBeagle for MOP this Week!!! Most Outstanding Canadian, too! :rockin:


Which was it...three or four? I mean, if we're going to mock you, we should at least get your info from your whines correct, right?

OK, I make a perfectly funny comment and it gets passed over for a response to CFListheBest???





seriously, though, the Beagle for MOP comment was funny, right? 8)

I've been noticing a lot of holding calls this year on every single team that are not being called. Some of them are so obvious it is ridiculous. Blatant holding.

if you have paid attention… you’d know I was talking about 3 holding calls at the start of the game… and then there was 1 more later at the start of the 2nd half.

I was paying attention, and if I was marking you (which I thankfully am not, because you'd fail miserably), I'd have docked marks for your transition from one suggestion to the other. Your first statement referenced three calls (missed, allegedly) at the start of the game, then you go straight into whining about "four times." If you intended to put across that the fourth time happened later in the game, you should have said so. Otherwise, see, it just looks as though you're not only whining, but changing your story, too.

Well, many of his posts make as much sense as this picture

if you can't comprehend something as simple as

the referee missed 4 blatant Holding calls during the game,

then I can't help you with your problem.

I understand what you intended to relate to others. I also understand how it comes across when you write it as you did previously, which is what I was trying to get across to you. If you don't understand that, then I can't help you...

no, I do understand. I didn't make it very clear when I first presented it..

but if you look through the game thread, you will see that I did say 4 and that the first 3 were at the start and then another later on.

that's all.

thank God.