Officiating Andre

Officiating in Ottawa last night leaves a bit to be desired. Head ref has seen better days and needs to retire.

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Isn’t that something, and he tried so hard.

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BRUTAL....time to retire bud.


If the issue is with the two overturned “high tackle” calls I would argue that they were the right calls ON THE FIELD … refs need to protect players and both looked like dangerous hits … the system worked properly, if too slowly, in establishing that the hits did not actually contravene the rules.


Inside 3 minutes - it's being reviewed.....whoever was in his ear needed to remind him and not have him making calls until it was reviewed.....

Makes them all look like a bunch of clowns....command centre, refs, all of them.....

Making no calls and having to wait for “GOD from TO” to make a decision looks not much better … imagine if the Command centre imposed dangerous tackle penalties where none was called on the field … refs would again be shredded.

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Andre “Turd down on the turdy-tree yard line” Proulx

I think the rule needs to be redefined. It should not matter where the hand is or what the hand grabs so much as if the arm end up wrapping around the neck so that he ends up being pulled down mostly by the head. I think those two calls should have been classed as high tackle.

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I meant - they needed to tell him they were reviewing the call.
As a coach trying to make a play call and having to change it two or three times is not conducive to making a good play or making the right play call or having your team execute well. It was sort of obvious Ottawas last play was called after the initial call on the field and they may not have run the play they wanted to…