The Toronto-Saskatchewan game was probably the worst officiated game that I’ve seen at Taylor Field, and that takes into account over 25 years as a season ticket holder. What else would account for the late hit on KK, which clearly took place out-of bounds, and no call. It’s hard to believe that there can be such mass confusion with the officials. There were other equally inept calls or non-calls.

CFL officiating is horrible all around, and as much as they tried to correct it in the off season, there has still been no progress. It will take the Grey Cup being decided by a bad call before they start to do something. In the NFL they reward there coaches by putting them in big games like the Super Bowl or the playoff games. I bet that you will see the same officiating crew that were reffing in this game in the playoffs, and possible in the Grey Cup. There is only one head official that I feel does a good job, and that is the older guy, the rest seem to be bias, or have their heads shuved up their @sses. It is one thing not to be making little calls all game, but then they bring them up in key situations, like when they said Oday moved the ball forward. Give me a break, they missed blatent pass interferace calls all game, and then start when it is third and 1, and in a key situation. Like it or not, that is why some people refuse to watch CFL. I wouldn’t either if it weren’t for the Riders.

Second verse same as the first.
When are you guys going to give it a rest? after every game its the same old story, blame the refs if you win blame the refs if you lose.

I would love to give the complainers an opportunity to ref a game with a half million people watching on TV with the benefit of replay. That way we could see how the complainers measure up against the CFL refs.

Now that I thing about why not apply for the position and if you make it come back here and see what is thought about your performances......

good call ro1313.


This is what they are PAID TO DO!!!

These refs are hired because they are suposedly the best in the business.

While there are always going to be missed calls even when the best of the best are reffing a game, they need to get better. Better use of their judgement needs to be used when considering a flag on a game-affecting play or penatly call, and when they are starring down an obvious penalty (ie late hit on KK) there is 100% no excuse for missing that call.

The reffing this year is no better, if not worse, that last year and these professionals need to get better now, do their job, and quit making excuses.

Going by the conversations we have had regarding reffing this year it is obvious it isnt good, otherwise we wouldnt be talking about it. How many times do you hear people complain repetedly about NFL refs?

First of all I don't really pay attention to the NFL but I do hear complaints. More or less than the NFL I could not say.

As for them being paid to ref the games I agree but it is impossible for them to see everything. Sure there are many times that I watch a game that I will see a penalty but its is because I was looking at the player involved. Has it never happened where ref calls say holding and your reaction is WHAT THERE WAS NO HOLDING ON THE PLAY and when you see the replay you say yup that was holding. You just happened to be looking at someone else when it happened.
Its the same for the refs, If they see it they call it, If they don't see they don't. Add to that the fact that many calls are borderline and could go either way. You thought it was a penalty the ref didn't. It does not add up to them doing a lousy job.

Why bother these guys just do not get it? They see the othe thread then do it again here! What else can the ycomplain about ( Weather).

Ya our part time pro Refs get paid real big bucks too! Give me a break!

thats a generalization, i defy you to find any place that i have ever complained about officiating.

If you were at your job and repeatedly were screwing up what would happen to you? It is not the penelties that happen away from the ball, it is when a official is standing right in front of the play like when OShea jumped on Keith there was a ref right there. Or when you have a ref away from a pass calling an interferance when there is another ref right beside the play and doesn't call it. How can you justify this? Everyone makes mistakes, but if you watch the game, I truly don't belive that some of them are mistakes. Why can't we try bringing in some refs outside of Canada. Or what is wrong with instant replay.

Are you saying that the refs make calls because they want certain teams to win?

Look at all the instant replay threads and you will see that most posters dont want it because they say it slows down the game. I say they dont want it because they will have no-one to blame

Instant replay will only help possesion plays...not fouls or non fouls.

I disagree (with the threads)...How many games would have had there outcomes changed by the use of instant replay? I am talking about the ONES that make an Immediate impact.(.points scored or turnovers leading to points scored).. I would say ALOT..5-6 games over the past 2 years?
ITs for that reason the "Slowing the game" argument does not hold any water...I would rather the game be slowed for 3-4 minutes to make the right decision on a CRUCIAL call. Than to have it flashed across the jumbotron and scrutinized

ITs not like every team would have unlimited use fo instant replay anyways..ONCE PER TEAM PER GAME...IF the call is not overturned the offending team should penalized..either by yardage or loss of a time out.

I see it as a Refs "get outta jail for free" card.

Here is a fact that was on the Riders sportsline. The Riders have had 3 apology letters from the CFL about the officiating in there games. No other team has had more than one. Why does't this website put info like this on here? So no, I don't think that it is luck that this is happening to the Riders.

They are not out to get us. Yes I have heard that we have got a few appology letters, but the refs are not out to get us. Its just hpw it has worked out. Next year they might suck more for the argos and be good for us. It will all come around.

I think that is one of the dumbest posts I have ever read. You're really bringing the race card into this?

You sir are an idiot

I really have to agree with you jm02, I can’t believe I just said that. Most of the players in the CFL are black. Many of the quarterbacks are black, and TO also has a black head coach. To try and bring the race card into it sounds a lot like OJ

....awwww.....c'mon budha.....I'm not ALL bad now, am I??? :smiley:

i did not say you were but I do think that it is the first time we have agreed on anything :lol: