Entering the the labour day weekend the officials in this league continue to go down hill. I hope the league looks at the Winnipeg/Saskatchewan films. Professional football, not even minor league officiating.

If you cant handle the fact that sports officials are human and will make mistakes, then find another pastime cause you will never be satisfied with pro sport officiating, no matter what league in what game in what country.

Do we have to have these REFS S.U.C.K threads every week??

I agree. I'll admit that there were some questionable calls tonight but there are questionable calls every game. The refs didn't have a direct bearing on the outcome of the game so why whine about them?

Only poor decision I saw from tonight was Perrys Roughing the passer call..other than that I think the Refs are doing a better job than last year ....partly due to Instant Replay

I actually thought the Refs did quite good tonight. . . all the pass interference and stuff got called, which is a good thing. They were no calls I really disagreed with.

As long as one team loses there will be people complaining about the refs

Refs were good tonight, but they need to make the right calls, like calling on the receiver, which there was no infarction, instead of a clear late hit on the QB.

I can't say they were at fail for the BB loss, we clearly shot ourselves in the foot.

This year it seems the bomber fans are the ones doing the complaining. Just maybe their team gets penalized more then others because they deserve it. Remember the fingers by the coaching staff it is coming back to haunt you now! I am not saying the refs are purposely throwing flags at the bombers but if it a close call it most likely will go against the bombers why not they gave these guys the finger and they just might remember that game very well.

I agree but the one on Canada was close as well but hey the ref made a judgment call on both!

Kanga there is two teams out there both bet penalties! Most of the penalities are flagrant or close calls. you can not please both sides on any penalty. Again if you complain about the refs on behalf of your team it just goes to show you your team is just no good enough in this particular game. I would say all the calls in this game were good calls. Acouple of close ones but they were called for both teams so why the fuss!

All in all i think the refs and the new
instant replay arent that bad. Oh sure
they wont get all the calls right, but
they seem to be getting most of them right.

ive said it time after time. Hire full-time officials. Scrap the instant replay policy and create one that is similar to the ncaa college football policy. Has anybody watched those college games on the weekend and seen how quick those officials make calls on the replays? they get it done in less than a minute, even in the usc-texas game, there was like five replays, all done very smoothly, fast and controversy-free. Why is the cfl too stupid to come up with a smooth policy.

Also the refs should be full-time, they should work during the week officiating teams practices/drills.

The refs should have film stduy, daily workouts in a gym to maintain top shape.

They should also have monthly tests on rules.

Who is to pay for full time refs? The other part of instant replay this is the first year for the CFL and I am sure once they have had a season under their belts it will only get better. The refs for what they are paid do a fair job. No matter what league there is refs you will never find fans that are totally happy with how they call the game!

but I'm not blaming the refs.

Playmaker if we were to implement all your
ideas this league would go belly up.

They cant AFFORD full time refs. You want to pay them fulltime wages so they can work for 3 hours and spend the rest of the week watching

Come on dude!!!!

The reason it takes longer here is we dont have
enough cameras like they have in US college ball.

For the first year, i give it a thumbs up.

then if you don't have full-time refs, your gonna have these cocky part-time refs that are more worried about their job as a teacher, or real estate agent, instead of focusing on the eastern final, when in 2003 Ed Phillion drilled Damon Allen in the knees, and was never called for a late hit.

me too, and the refs the :thdn: :thdn: becase they can't work it.

the cfl has tsn, cfl is owned by bell globe media, big time company, big time money ,the cfl has money, don't fall for their sad sack story about being some salvation army poor-single mother football league, the cfl needs to drop their welfare acts, and get real.

Again playmaker you are funny! This league has operated for how many years using part time refs and now you seem to be the only one concerned other then a few other disgruntled fans that have not watched the game long enough to figure out that no matter what game and league you will not satisfy both sides! You say you watch the No fun league those refs can be just as bad are they full time if they are they are not worth what they are paid for but then again watching this league I am unbiased yet I see mistakes. Up here in the cFL we get the odd mistake but over all I think they do a dam good job.