Officials named for grey cup game

CFL announced the officials for the big game. I don't feel too bad about these choices.

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I knew Jake Ireland was a replay official.
I didn't know that the other local Ticat hater Al McColman was also a replay official.
Wow. Just wow.

For those of you who don't remember 1983:

I'll never forget the Argo fans in my section booing when they saw the flag, knowing that it could only be on the Argos Geoff Townshend who interferes with the Ticats Gerald Bess as he turns and makes a play on the ball. Somehow McColman (54) and Head Referee Ireland (62) somehow turn this into a pass interference call on Bess, sustaining a moribund Argo drive which gives them the win.
Years later Argo and Ticat fans alike remember the shock in the stadium when Ireland signaled that the P.I. call was on the Cats.

The CFL actually pulled McColman from the Grey Cup game the next week following the controversy over this call.
Good to know that 30 years later, these guys are still in charge of things.

The offside call was clearly on Hamilton. No disputing that, but that PI call was BS.

Anyways, I'm a bit surprised that Glen Johnson isn't the head official.