Officials made some bad calls at tonights game.

First, how many late hits on Printers? And that very last play, the defender was HUGGING geroy and wouldn't let go! INTERFERENCE! oh my... give these guys some glasses.

Lets put things into perpective . How many calls went Sask way. How many calls did we get away with? We had our chances to win the ball game and we lost a tough one. Quit blaming the refs! Yes there human. Do you think you can do a better job?
Remember you started a thread earlier in the week saying just throw to Geroy!!! Doesn’t matter if he’s double cover or not, He’ll catch everything. Well there you go!!! INT into double coverage. Game over! Now had we won the game would you still be complaining about the refs or would you be praising Geroy for catching into double coverage?

Sometimes you get the calls, sometimes you don't. No difference than the games at BC Place...the officials were just as brutal there. Unfortunately, THAT"S LIFE!!!