Officials are brain dead....

If you watch close enough, you will see that Estelle takes the ball from Dominguez after both players were out of bounds. So how does that make it an interception? If Calvillo throws a ball to the opposing sideline and a player standing on the sidelines catches a ball, should those count as interceptions as well? Both players had possession, and the tie goes to the offence, wether they roll out of bounds or not.
I believe this happened once before, with simultaneous possession last year in a game against Winnipeg. A TD was not involved, but going by your logic, it should have been an INT by Kyries Hebert. Instead it was ruled a catch by Watkins, if I remember the ruling correctly.

So apparently the guy who likes discussion says we can't post in another teams forum unless we agree with them.

Did you even read it before you start shooting off your mouth?

You cant come into another teams form and call the poster ignorant because he doesn"t agree with you!
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  1. The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum or it will be deleted.

Leeings post would have been acceptable had TD-maker posted in the main from....he didnt..

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hbw - what was missing was a link to assist you in understanding what the mod was telling you. From the forum rules is the following


  1. The individual team forums are 'safe havens' for the fans of that team and are off-limits for trash-talk from fans of other teams. Take it to the main forum or it will be deleted, or worse, your post will be edited to make you look silly.

What that means is in the Team areas it is there safe zone to vent and post without having to defend there thoughts from other teams fans.

I'm a Rider fan as well but we are guests when we are in other teams areas.

Yup You're so right! I saw Mark Cohon in Vegas betting on the over / Under..... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


Im a BC fan, and was looking for someones help in knocking off those pesky Riders, but that was the right call in the end zone.

Tie goes to the receiver? Give me a break. Dominguez never had possession of that ball, thus no tie. If you watch the replay, at no point does he ever have control of the ball while he and Estelle are fighting for it. Estelle clearly has 'more' possession than Dominguez at every point in the sequence, and comes away with it on the turf, yet it's a Sask touchdown. Bollocks.

The league is so bent on putting the offense back in the game that it's artificially inflating TD scores with crap calls like this.

Those officials were blind all night long. Like the attempted Rider two-point convert that got stuffed at the 1-yard line. If you watch the replay, the BALL HITS THE FRICKIN TURF. Last time I checked, trapping a ball on the ground does not constitute a completed catch! You can clearly see the ball hit the ground as the receiver is trying to catch it while going to the turf. Yet it was actually ruled a completion.

At least one of the supposed highlight reel catches that TSN played about 100 times last week was an incompletion in which the ball is clearly visible popping out of the receiver's body as he hits the ground. Yet it was ruled a touchdown.

It's all crap and CFL politics.

Again, tonight vs. BC a replay that CLEARLY shows the BC player fumble before hitting the ground and the dope officials can’t even get it right with a replay challenge.

Awful. Worst officials in sports.

But you also caught a break with a roughing the kicker that was complete garbage. The calls usual even out and there are bad calls on both sides in every game.

The roughing the kicker was a bad call but it was simply missed by the ref..and there was another roughing the kicker that was ignored late in the second quarter that evened it out...

In this case the correct call was made and overruled after watching it again.....
The rules state that there must be video evidence to overrule the call. Not only was there none....The replay clearly showed that there was a fumble....

That is twice in 2 weeks that the proper call was overturned into a bad call by video review

Complete garbage? Sorry, but if we're talkiing about the same play, the BC player clearly runs into the kicker's legs without getting a piece of the ball.

That's a penalty. Period. Only choice is calling roughing or running into the kicker.

Sorry Ace but it was a gift...The defender was should not have been a penality....But like I said they did let one slide in the late in the 2nd quarter to even it up

That roughing the passer was BS.

The problem with that BC fumble which was a fumble should actually have been an incomplete pass. Bang-Bang play the reciever did not survive contact.

Incomplete pass Montreal's ball.

Passer or kicker?

As for the fumble. I agree it was an incomplete pass and even if it was not…there was no evidence to show that BC did not fumble the ball…It clearly showed that it was a fumble

Sorry Kicker.

Then yes it was a bad call, as I have already admitted :wink: