Officials are brain dead....

To call that play in the endzone a simultanious possession was a joke. Instead of the Als having the ball in decent position, we wind up backed up. I'm sick of the second rate officiating in this league!

There is no such thing as a simultaneous catch if you have to survive contact rule. There has to be a fight till one gets possision.

CFL is fixing games by playing with pass reception rules to artificialy inflate scoring. Its disgusting

...friendly reminder to watch our language, folks...thanks...

Let us not forget when they took away the Als TD…oh right the Sask reciever didnt catch the ball so its not a fumble

I just read the rule book...that should be at least no catch since the receive did not come down with possesion and maintain it once on the ground. 2nd, estelle had better possesion with are around it.

Screwed! the two turnovers are not what cost us this game that play is. What a joke

That was a BS call by the ref. Why do we even play the games...

The referees really screwed this one up royally.

  1. Fumble WAS A FUMBLE. That was a legit TD. You can't have it both ways and say Estelle didn't catch the ball on the way down but Cates didn't catch the ball.
  2. Hill..interference? Huh?????
  3. Estelle...that was a pick.
  4. Minor point. Sanches gets called for spearing..legit call. Makowsky..or the goof...whatever..rolls over the pile well after the whistle is blown...nothing.

The refs should be audited for bribes!!!

Disgusting…is all I have to say.

Cates caught the ball took a stride, turned is upper body around with both hands around the ball and got blindsided as he was turning up field.

Simulateous possession does not exist it can’t and if it does you can’t reward one side with a touchdown.

Just incredible to have such a tightly fought game completely fouled by poor officiating.

Agreed! If that is in the rule book the CFL should immediately issue an apology and change the rule. Truely stupid guys are pissed, I'll grant you that, but you are also wrong on the non-pick by estelle...sorry, but true...hey I wish Montreal won, but that was a back breaker, and it was the right call by the stripes...

While I'm angry at our coaches for several bone-headed decisions that cost us the game, I'm equally angry with the officials. Holy crap, that game was stolen from us.

I don't usually like to complain about officiating, but I haven't seen such a transparent bias towards one team in a very long time. The 'simultaneous possession', a joke. The PI on Estelle, a joke. The ruling on the Sanchez fumble recovery, a joke. The spearing call on Sanchez when the Riders were spearing and PUNCHING Als on the pile well after the whistle.

Bollocks from start to finish. It's clear which teams the league favors and we are not one of them.

NFL and CFL both have the rule that a tie goes to the receiver. The only screw up in my opinion is that the ref should have announced as such " being a tie and in case of a tie possession goes to the receiver". I can thoroughly understand folks scratching there heads with a Simultaneous possession line.

I love how these black and white rules are stupid when they work against your team.

Both players clearly had two hands on the ball when they were on the ground. It wasn't until after that it was wrestled out. If that's your argument, Estelle was OB when he got full possession then, incomplete.

How come when the penalties are in the Riders favour it is a joke but if those calls would have went the other way it would have been fine. Additionaly those calls were correct according to the 2008 CFL Rule book.

So take the lose and move on the Als have a great football team and will pull it together and win the next time. The better team won just live with it.

So let me guess, the refs caused the late int by AC and they also cause Armstead to fumble the following kickoff right?? or did that not have an impact on the game?? Good teams find ways to win and sometimes calls don't go your way but that is football. DEspite all the 'bad calls' you guys had a great chance with 5 minutes left to win that game being up by 8...i think some fans are brain dead.

Having said that, you guys still have a great football team and you will be contenders this year. Still a lot of season left to be played...

I posted this in another thread but I think it's worth repeating:

Replay angles were useless for the Cates play; in both ones that might have shown us what needed to be seen, an official was blocking our view. I assume the ref saw a replay that we didn't see and hence overturned the call on the field.

As for Dominguez~Estelle, that was as close to a simultaneous catch as you can possibly get, and, as an Als' fan, let me say the call was correct. Simultaneous possession, the tie always goes to the receiver. So the TD occurred, and then Estelle wrestled the ball away. Remember, possession in the end zone is all that counts; you can stand on the one yard line and hold the ball over the line and it's a TD, even if you then drop it. Once simultaneous possession occurred, TD Saskatchewan at that moment, all that happens afterwards (rolling on the ground, perhaps going out of bounds, Estelle ending up with sole possession) is all irrelevant.

Refs didn't cost my team that game (Armstead, on the other hand.........). It was well played by both teams, was a treat to watch, and the better team on the day won.

Enough said.

The pass comes in, both guys catch the ball. So after fighting fo it, the Als player outfights the Sask player fpr the ball, since he won the fight for the ball it should be an interception.


The ref calls it a Sask TD!

Is there really a rulebook, or are the rules so poorly written that the ref can put his own spin on that rule? The CFL hads been poorly reffed for a long while, and it’s not getting any better!

It doesn’t matter that he wrestled the ball away from him because the play was over. Dominguez wnet up and got both hands on the football and came down with one foot…play is over right there. At that point Estelle only had one arm in between Matt’s hands and Matt had BOTH hands on the football and as soon as his foot touches the ground play is over and it is a touchdown. Like MadJack said if you are on the goalline and as soon as the ball breaks the goalline the play is dead. That is like saying a running back stretches the ball over the goalline and someone smacks it out of his hands and the ball is still live. Watch the replay again and when matt has both hands on the ball and his foot comes down then the play is dead and it is a touchdown and everything else that happens after that means nothing.

Besides, you were still WINNING after that play. Instead of blaming the refs take a look at the INT for starters. Then your D let Wes Cates run down the the 1 and then the easy TD. Then you fumble the kick and on 2nd and 10 you couldn’t stop a qb draw. I don’t get how you want to put this one on the refs. You screwed yourselves. It is not like the Dominguez catch was with no time on the clock to win the game.

Or how bout the fact that half our starting d line was hurt and another guy (Schultz) played hurt almost the whole game. Our only “healthy” d lineman that played is a converted lb who is not even a true DE, Kitwana Jones. If you can’t advantage of that then you deserved to lose…o and not to mention a 3rd string qb in his second ever start…you got a lot more to worry about than the refs.

YEs there is a rule book and maybe you might just take a look at it instead of making such ignorant comments!!!!

Just like in baseball where a tie at the base goes to the runner, so does a situation where both the receiver and the defender had the ball. IT was in the endzone, do you really think that after a catch AND the player is down that defenders should be able to keep fighting for the ball? The simple fact is that the play was alread over when the Montreal player striped the ball!!!

Sorry buddy but this is the Als section. Your comment can be concidered trolling in team forums