Officials Are Accountable

check this out...

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Now...let's move on!

Nice work my Higgins and his Staff.

Wow, that's a first for the CFL. Diciplining and official for a bad call and actually demoting them and making it public knowledge. Wow, good on you Tom Higgins. Send the message that this is a professional league and if you are not up to the challenge you will not be allowed to continue. Two thumbs up to you Tom, way to put your mark on things!

:thup: :thup:

CFL may run out of officials if Higgins keeps this up!

love the decision

this had to be done, it was a terrible call and jojuan should be re-embersed for potential game bonuses.

Great job higgins (Y)

Good for Tom. This might make some of the over zealous officials think twice about throwing so many flags on infractions that don't onvolve the play.
The one thing I like about watching NFL games is the low number of pentalties. They let them play the game down there.