Official Yawn at the Witches Thread

For all those who declare that they don't care anymore.

Who could not care about witches with Halloween so close?
Also, do we really need two threads that both address witches, maybe the mods could merge this, and all the other Witch threads to avoid confusion?

My friend 2nd,
If you are confused by the difference between kissing and yawning then I presume that your romantic life may be in its latter stages. :slight_smile:

You would be correct in you're presumptions, but, if I relate kissing and yawning so close that I confuse the two, I'd plead it's due to how many times in my life I attempted to steal a kiss and was met with a yawn. :wink:

Cover artist! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I brought...Sominex and a copy of George Cortez's "How I Handle Coach's Challenges: Roll One." :wink:



Is this where we post if the game ends in a tie?

You don't have to worry about ties with the Cats Defense on the field. The excitement of the Calgary ball carriers running past the Cats defenders will keep us all awake! We will even have nightmares!