Official Winnipeg/Saskatchewan Avatar Bet Thread!

It's almost time for the first matchup between the Riders and the Blue Bombers of the 2014 season!

Bombers are now in the West, so luckily these two rivals get to play more than just the Labour Day Classic/Banjo Bowl matchups. Exciting times!

Both teams are looking great, and both fanbases are rabid and ready for tomorrow!

This is it, time to bet your avatar based on tomorrows results.

Rules are simple:

  1. Bomber fans confident that the Big Blue will win, make a post saying so, trash talk is acceptable.

  2. Rider fans who think this years Bombers are overachievers and in no way can topple the reigning Grey Cup Champs, make a post and say so, hurt some feelings if you have to.

  3. If the Bombers win, Rider fans who participate must change their Avatar on these forums until the week before the Labour Day Classic. If the Riders win, Bombers fans must do the same.

  4. Have fun!! Gonna be a great game. It's good to be back in the West.

I will be the first to start!! I believe in blue, but this is one of those question mark games for me. But I'm betting on Drew and our home crowd to bring us a win! Bombers by a TD!!

No takers? Where is everyone's sense of adventure?

Rider fans be scared this year.

Looks like it.

I need some more clarification.
I assume that the bet itself would be that you would have to replace your bomber avatar with a beautiful rider one. And then how long would you be sporting a beloved Rider Avatar for when the riders win. Is it till next week, the next time we play or what?

Regardless I ain't scurred, I'm in. Go Riders

You'd have to sport a Bombers avatar until a week before the LDC. It's in his first post. :thup:

Just to add some extra interest to this game, I'll join in. I picked Winnipeg and need the point to gain on Jman (in another pool), so I'll put my oh so sexy Edmonton avatar on the line. Go Bombers. Don't screw me over. :lol:

That’s pretty ballsy of you Chief :cowboy:

Still time! Looks like it might just be me and you Chief.

Yes, I'll be sporting a beautiful Rider logo until the week before LDC, IF the Riders win.

I think billy is in to, as for me nope, I’ll save mine for the Montreal game tomorrow

:lol: You risk taker!

Watch me jinx the Eskimos. We’ll get blowout by like 30. :lol:

I'm not much of a gambling man I will admit.

Awesome Billy!

Won't be long until the rematch!!

We will talk then :slight_smile:

Good game!

Thanks, Bombers. :thup:

It was all me.

with a little help from the riders defence and Jerome Messam

I always tell people they’d look better in Green. Good on ya mpdid

Let me know when I can switch back. I'll probably forget. :lol:

To be honest I’m not sure if that is a valid avatar. I mean it is a cat with a lime on his head, how is that related to the Riders at all?


We got romped in a great game last time by those crazy SSK RRs and I've been sporting my SSK avatar ever since.

But now it is Labour Day Classic time. Re-upping this thread because it's time for another challenge.

I will be changing my avatar back to Winnipeg on Monday, but I'm putting it right back on the line. Are there any Saskatchewan fans willing to risk the ridicule of sporting a Bomber avatar if the Bombers win the LDC?? Lets do this!

Any fans from any other teams are free to put up a challenge here as well. This is the time CFL football starts getting good :slight_smile:

Chief, you can change your avatar.

Excellent. Thanks for the heads up. :thup: