Official: Winnipeg back in West 2014

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1/2: Winnipeg Blue #Bombers to move to CFL's West Division in 2014. Acting CEO Wade Miller: "We are proud of our history in the CFL...
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2/2: but especially proud of our ten Grey Cup victories, eight of which came as we represented the West. It's no wonder then that...
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3/3: so many of our fans consider the West our natural home. We look forward to competing, and succeeding, in the West Division."
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Not happy about that one.
Would have preferred them to stay in the east until a 10th team joins the league.

Announcement from the bombers:


Logical decision; Winnipeg is in the West.


Winnipeg has always been in the west, before the league lost MONTREAL IN 1987, I remember those huge bc lions vs blue bomber games in the mid 80's when the league had 9 teams , even when the renegades joined the cfl the bombers went back to the west.

that is were they belong.

good luck on them making the playoffs.

Might not be a bad move for them with the Lions struggling a bit and the Eskimos in free fall,a move back West next year could be actually benificial for the B.B.'s plus they will now have the option of a crossover play-off spot,which always has gone West and never yet East. Having a 9th team finally again will be nice for variety but hell on the scheduling with an odd amount of teams,let's hope a 10th franchise is in the near future and the CFL rounds into a tidy 2 division league of 5 teams per conference.

Dare I say again, 10th team please and sooner than later!

Welcome back, from outer space........

Great move by the league, makes both divisions stronger! :thup:

I think is a disappointing and short sighted move by the league and the governors. My reasons are:

  1. It was a chance to ensure the two best teams made the Grey Cup.
  2. The east/west rivalry argument has gotten a little weak with the lack of interest in Ontario. It is still a gate driven league. The amount of fans that will care goes up when the teams that are in the Grey Cup have a lot of passionate fans. My apologies to the passionate fans of Hamilton, Toronto and Montreal but there needs to be more of you. Toronto needs to lead this league in attendance.
  3. Three time zones in the West and one in the is that fair?

One division would be the fairest. Ottawa enters the league every one plays each other twice. Revisit the decision when the 10th team enters the league.

What? for another 50 years? or maybe when the Argos leave and the Bomber come back East again.

Winnipeg came East when Montreal went under then back West when Montreal came back, then back East when Ottawa went under, back West when the Renegades came into the league and then back East when they went under.
So it’ may be Toronto’s turn to go away and then Winnipeg will be back East.

If you actually want to ensure the two best teams make the Grey Cup, you need to do away with the playoffs.

very true Tridus.
any team an get hot in the playoffs, even the mediocre.

Our only filled stadium in the east.

until Tim Hortons Field opens that is. 8)

Great, instead of finishing last in the East, they can finish last in the West... :lol: :lol:

Ok that would work. 1st place team plays the 2nd place team?..less TV revenue and less excitement…Sometimes there are upsets and its not just a team getting hot…its the better team laying an egg. Eliminating two playoff positions would help. Maybe do something like the 2 game total point with both playoff games a week apart on the 1st and 2nd place finishers field. No lost television revenue, regular season means more and a higher probability the two best teams playing for the Cup.

You wanted to ensure the two best teams play in the Grey Cup. The only way to do that is to take the two best season records and let them play.

If you don’t want that, then the premise for changing the divisions in the first place is kind of broken.

Not sure this means much in real terms. I don't think they're getting any cash from the League to do this like they did last time ($750k in 2006?) and they're not a playoff danger these days so the quality (or lack thereof) of the teams in the division won't really matter. I was thinking if they had an unbalanced schedule they might save a bit on travel but it wouldn't be much....Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary flights aren't much longer than the flight to Toronto/Hamilton or Ottawa....

The good news is that the CFL is back to 9 teams, the sad news is that only one of them is named the "Roughriders"....or "Rough Riders"...or whatever the heck the difference is/was.

This will be good for the labour day games. They will mean a lot more when both teams are in the same division, especially the Rider/Bomber game, followed by the Banjo Bowl.The eastern teams can go back to their old rivalries as well.

And Winnipeg is part of western Canada. :cowboy: