OFFICIAL what has to change POST

Don't mean to be presumptuous, but I have a feeling the rider section could become clogged with a lot of posts all of the same nature. Thus, I propose this as the post for all comments on what the riders need to do to improve next year.

My suggestions are:
1) go out and get a great QB. Let's look at the teams left. Maas, Ray, Printers, Dickenson, Calvillo, and Allen. Enough said.
2) Go out and get one more great receiver, providing that Dominguez will be back and healthy.
3) I'm not ready to give up on the coaching staff yet. They have done good things with good players, just not great things with great players.
4) replace at least two of the secondary. To me Bush and McCalla aren't what they used to be.

 I am willing to buy a season's ticket that I will not use next year (because I live so far away) if the Riders make these improvements.  Further, I would be willing to donate the ticket to school kids in the area to go to the game to.  If I remember correctly, JM02 is a teacher and may be able to find worthy kids to go.  Bottom line, the riders need to improve if we want to be serious contenders that should win rather than peripheral contenders that might win.

I see on another post that Tucker may be available. I would definitely go for him.

I read billy_soup say McCalla was good. I agree with whoever else said he needs to drop some of his excess weight. I would also say he needs some speed work.

I wouldn't be opposed to keeping French if he'd learn to catch the damned ball.....

Can that be learned. From my armchair GM position, I cut French and Richardson on the spot for those drops. Yes, that drop from Richardson was a hard catch, but teams with great receivers find a way to catch those balls.

Armchair GMing, eh? well then....use Keith as the basis of a trade for a decent QB, or bring in a new one that can be groomed - of course if you do that, you're stuck with Crandell/Greene for another year of average play.....get rid of long has he been with the Riders? Either he has talent or he doesn't. If he does, let him play, and if he doesn't, turf him and create a spot. Get rid of Thomas - don't get me started on him. Take the headset off Bellefeuille and slap him upside the head with that stupid clipboard of his.....or just can him.....whatever works.....

I would agree with all comments you just made. Could you talk to Roy for me please, it is a long distance call.

Long distance from here, too, and he's not worth my quarter.....

I guess we differ there. I think Shivers is doing a decent job. I'm also willing to let him have one more year. Yes he shoots his mouth off, but he has improved the overall quality of the club. I would be curious to see what talent he could get on the team if he had deeper pockets to do the job and a more high profile city (no offence Regina, but it is not on a lot of people's to see list).

I think you are being way too harsh on McCalla and Bush.
The defence today held Calvillo to under his season average. (but they could have played better)

I think the offense system needs an overhaul. Yes we are a great running team, BUt you don't win the grey cup with a great running team that can't pass. Bring in a QB that can pass longer then 10 yards. Get a reciever that is not affraid of going in the middle, and getting hit (Man I would love to have Cahoon). Get recievers with Heart. GET RID OF MARCEL. get rid of Greene, with him even on the sidelines, it is a distraction to Barret who for some stupid reason sees something in him.
I really don't think the defense needs a change. Perry played well, If Jurineack comes back, he is great, and Lefall can be a good backup. (he definetly needs some more seasoning, he is horrible at contain).

I also, am a masochist so I will renew my Season tickets...regardless. That being said, I would prefer not having to get pummeled before the game to dull the pain.

I would really like the talent people to search SSK and then Canada to make sure that we don't overlook any local talent. Then, I think we need to scour the universe looking for peeps that can catch a ball. That Richardson miss against Montreal (and dozens like it this year) are inexcuseable. Watch the replay again if you can, it floated through his arms like a rim.

There is no way that some of these receivers should have made it through training camp...does anyone watch them catch balls? Do they scrimmage? Maybe they need dummies running around in other teams colours to see how they perform with no 'friendlies' around.

Like WPG, I think we need to shake things up ...but good. Calgary went from disaster to 'just about' in a single season...surely we could do something similar.

I for one still think Barrett and Shivers are the right guys...and I would suspect that Shivers is going to get out the broom really quick.

Yeah that ball to Richardson sailed through his arms but it was straight from over the back of his head and wa a very tough catch. Wasn't why they lost:

-Perry and his bonehead roughing the passer escapade
-Guys who think the football is a time bomb ready to go off
-Cranell throwing a ball at the goaline into QUADRUPLE coverage

Yadda Yadda. Hey at least McCallum doesn't have to worry about his house getting egged this year!

from an alouette fan, i think the riders are pretty solid on defense and don't need to change much, but you absolutely need a quarterback and at least 1 more stud receiver, not including dominguez. running the ball is great, but you have to be able to throw the ball to win in this league, and if the riders get down in a game they don't really have much big play capability.

good luck next season..i'd like to see the riders come out of the west and make the Grey Cup in 2006.

Marcel Belleufelle should be gone. Sometimes the offensive playcalling just baffles me! He's been here for a long enough period without results so I wouldnt feel too bad if he got canned. Plus if he's as good as some people say he is he will find another job in the CFL somewhere anyways. Take him, please.
New QB! I totally agree with the comment someone here made about Rocky Butler. If he's talented, let him play. If not, get rid of him! It's ridiculous that a guy could be on this team for 5 seasons doing nothing but holding placekicks and the clipboard. Perhaps keep Nealon or Crandell for a backup, but we need a marquee player at the helm.

I think Shivers and Barrett are in trouble .... or should be. That team is all theirs now. After 6 years that is best receiving group they can put on the field? Really. Look around the league and see what other teams have come up with. Look at the quarterbacks that have come into the league since the genius recruiter Shivers has been at the controls.

The problem with those two is stubbornness. They refuse to admit their mistakes, and thus they are perpetuated. Marcel Bellefuille, Nealon Greene, Jason French .... just to name a few. They overrate their own talent and ability and never hold anyone accountable for stupid mistakes. Granted, this regime is better than the last, but that bar was set pretty low. A 44% winning percentage and 2 and 4 playoff record without a home game in 6 years is not something to brag about.

Things are not so bad that a few key changes cannot fix and make it competitive but I don't think Roy and Danny are capable of doing it. Otherwise, it would have been done already.

We are not in Dire straights…we lack a quality QB first and foremost…then recievers…the D is fine just needs a few Tweaks…My commnet about trading Mcalla is that he is not a bad corner just expendable…I think Bush is better…and Robinson is a keeper as is Stancil…
It will be a very interesting Off season to see what Shivers will actually do…He promised a winning season and if he didnt get it changes would be made… Well Roy… the balls in your court keep your word.

hello people.............Shrivers promised us a grey cup.........home playoff many more years of medicore teams do I have to put up with.............we are not contenders we are pretenders..........that unless we upset last year with two upsets we are not going Westcoast said this is Roy team.........he made many people are left from the Alan Ford days???? The whole coaching staff should go................bring in some trash can kicking mean coach..................cause the whole buddy coach thing isn't working..........use KK as trade bait for a more reciever and a new QB...................and never been a big fan of our kicker so maybe start looking for a new guy as well

I disagree keep Roy and Danny, that would keep you guys low in the western conference ha ha ha ha. Seriously though if the Riders are going to get better ewvery one in Rider land should know you need to make changes. The team was 9 and 9 a year ago no home playoff date, this year the same. If Rider fans wnat this then you keep what you have. But if you want better then changes need to be made. This is Roy's team that he built and well as some of you have stated the receivers are a sore spot, QB has not be addressed and the defesnive backfield is weak. If you keep Roy he will be doing his recruiting in the same spot at the Luxor Casino. I really believe as a CFL fan that the team on the field is a reflection of your GM's ability to recruit players. Sure he has found talent but do you like what you have here. 6 years of what you want him to take another 6 years. As an outsider looking in this is what I see so take it if you wish. But again the realty of the matter is most western teams would like you to keep what you have. The Rider Fans deserve much better.

Not only did we keep the same record and not manage a home playoff game, we were in danger of missing the playoffs altogether.....if that doesn't scream for a change, I don't know what does.....

Keep Shivers. He knows how to get talent to come to Regina.

Get a QB - and I mean a top notch QB. Not one that needs to develop with the team.

We got a good defence - don't see a lot of changes there.

Just a quick question, if Shivers knows how to get talent to come to Regina, why did we lack so much talent in two of the most arguably skilled positions, namely QB and receiver?

Once we lost Dominguez, we had nobody to replace him. Turned out that the guy who had to take a reduced role and didn't play for a good chunk of the season was pretty much our best possession receiver the last couple games. With all the NFL cuts, there had to have been somebody that was better than our current guys, or if not markedly better, at least a change of pace might've lit a fire under some players to remind them that they don't have guaranteed jobs, and shouldn't play that way.

Unless of course they do have guaranteed jobs, and that's the reason none of them like to try to make plays.