Official Warm Up the Witches Thread

I'm not lighting the fire (yet) but I've got the kindling ready.

There's no reason that we can't be prepared for the 5th edition of Burn the Witches tonight.

Here are some game day questions that will be answered over the course of the contest...

  • Will it be Hank or Frank taking snaps?
  • Will our defense grace us with their presence?
  • Will our O-Line be able to create some holes for our running game?
  • Will we manage to get even a little bit of pressure on the QB?

Stay tuned for tonight's game... but might as well be prepared for the cook out. Eliminate potential disappointment.


I considered your points and arrived at this pre-determined conclusion,

We're an average .500 team....we'll win tonight and on labour day, then lose the rematch against the arblows. Or, we lose tonight, and win back to back games against the blows. I think we win tonight just to keep up with our average .500 team pace :rockin:

I'm expecting to get torched, but i'm also expecting us to win, it's a great feeling :smiley:

I also earnestly hope for the best, being a win against the Als. Nothing would please me more. However, logic, based on our defensive performances this year, makes me expect the worst and a bad thumping at the hand of the Als. Our offence may keep the score respectable.

I had predicted at the beginning of the year, that if our defence held teams to 21 or under points, we would win each game. They haven't hence our record.

I predict that if we get blown away today on account of the defence, that we have a new Defensive Coordinator in place for the Argo double bill, take it to the bank. If the defence is respectable today, then I see Creehan staying to the end of the year, as he will have proved that he may not be very consistent, but that he does have the ability to design a defence that can be effective, and a good defence against the Als twice this year will give him a new lease on life.

If the defence sucks, the buck stops with Creehan.I am not certain that Creehan will be missed by the players, though they will publicly say all the right things. Perhaps a bad defensive performance may be the best thing for the future of the team, especially if it means a new and more experienced coach.

And who would replace Creehan if he were fired (which I don't think will happen, regardless of tonight's outcome)? And if the team fires Creehan, then the season is a wash. Teams that fire coordinators or head coaches mid-season very rarely turn things around. See Saskatchewan last year with Greg Marshall... or Toronto last year with Chip Garber... or Toronto in 2008 with Rich Stubler... or Hamilton in 2008 with Charlie Taaffe.

Mmmm.... nice warm fire! 5-3.

Burn baby burn.

Keep this Defensive novice as your defensive coordinator and the season is more likely to be a wash as opposed to someone new coming in.

Pick your poison, a new person that may turn around or having the record for the most futile defence in the history of the CFL.

You pick em

The question is, is it the players or the co-ordinator?

If it's the players, then you have to start bringing guys in from NFL cut.

If it's the co-ordinator, you can't do it mid season as a whole new philosophy and play package is impossible to implement with 3 days of practice a week. You will see him fired at the end of the year at the earliest.