Official Tiger-Cats theme music

I was walking through Jackson Square today and I saw a dude with a Ticats jacket and an old school Metallica shirt. That got me thinking, who is the official theme music for the Ticats? G & R? Iron Maiden? NIN?

When I think Cats music I thing;

I try not to think of "put your hands up in the air"

Enjoy. It's not pretty...

Yikes!!! I can almost see Knute Rockne urging the boys on to victory.

An Argo-Cat fan

What ever happened to "Who let the cats out"? :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy. It's not pretty...

Uh oh... I like it, I really like it.

It sounds full of verver and tradition, where are the lyrics, and why aren't they on my gameday program? but then again, revivals hardly ever work.

this is the kinda stuff that makes football. pride, tradition, and passion.

If JaG is posting it, I'm not I'm afraid.

Isn't it that golden oldie "Hold that Tiger" aka "The Tiger Rag" ?

It should be "Oops I did it again!"only fitting! lmao

Justdoit is on the right track. Here are some more:

Liberty Bell March by Sousa (aka Monty Python theme)
Send in the Clowns by Sondheim
Hoop-de-doo by Lugg & Loesser (best done by Perry Como?)
Yakety Sax by Rich (aka Benny Hill theme)
any circus music played on a steam calliope