Official status of Kevin Glenn

Does anybody know how long he is expected to be out for?

nm...I found this...

[url=] ... 0-sun.html[/url]

Looks like 2-4 weeks.

which boads well for the riders…

they play the woeful ticats back-to-back, then the glenn-less bombers back-to-back.

sask should win 4 straight now and be 7-5…SHOULD.

Thats always the key with Saskatchewan. They should, but they don't.

But lets not sound like a bunch of Emo's! I like to be eternally optimistic with the Riders, even if I shouldn't be!

More on topic, though. . . Is Stegall back for the next game? Cause even if he is an improvement to the team, I think Quinn will ruin it for them completely. He played pitifully last week, even though it was his first start. I definitely don't think he's gonna be the future of ANY team. . .

if Segail rejoins the team again, Riders are done, cuz he will work well with Michna.

For sure. Riders are going to get a chance to pad their win column by taking advantage of this situation.

How ironic. It's a very similar situation to how Winnipeg got most of their wins.

Hold the phone....Glenn will probably be back in time for the LDC in Regina, Stegal and Sheridan should both be back for the Argos in 2 weeks and Baker will probably be in the line up as well, Quinn will likely start, but......wait for it.....we could have Ted White by then......

NO!!!!!!!! NOT WHITE!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, we will use him as a full back with direct snaps to CR on every play....:slight_smile:

oh! ok! that's alright then :thup:

.noooooo not White... how desperate are we ....might as well re-sign Khari...i know Ted was familiar with Berry when he was with the ALS. and knows his system....BUT....what did White he ever do for Montreal...besides take up a lot of room....ouch... :thdn: