Official Selection Order for 2007 Canadian College Draft

The CFL has released the official selection order for the 2007 Canadian College Draft.

The Ticats have the following nine selections in the draft:

1st Round-1st Overall
1st Round-4th Overall (via Sask)
2nd Round-12th Overall (via Sask)
2nd Round-13th Overall
4th Round-25th Overall (via Mtl via Ham)
5th Round-33rd Overall
5th Round-36th Overall (via Sask)
6th Round-41st Overall
6th Round-44th Overall (via Sask)

The Ticats have given their 3rd Round selection (17th Overall) to the B.C. Lions. This pick was apparently given to the Lions last year in the trade for JoJuan Armour.

Here is the link to the entire CFL draft order list on

4 of the top 13 picks is great - fine way for a rebuilding team to get some good young talent - up to smart scouting now.

4 picks in the top 13 sounds pretty good to me. We could use a couple of those picks on stud prospects who might have an extra year of eligibility left, or guys who might take a shot at the NFL. I think we're in a great spot in this year's draft to build for the future. I'm not so sure how much of an impact the '07 draft picks will have on this year's team though.

any news or armour yet??

I see that Brendan Taman of the Bombers has done his usual job of placing Winnipeg behind the 8 b all in the draft.With four picks(#11, #22, #27, #42)he reminds me of Bob Pulford of the Blackhawks. Thank God he is not the TiCat general manager.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Yes, its unbelieveable how Taman keeps trading away his draft choices. If it wasn't for picking up the Ottawa players Winnipeg would be behind the eight ball.

Taman is one of those CFL thinkers who is quite happy with the notion that you only need to start 7 NIs; he has no use for the draft or any clue about young NI talent; he will trade for known NI players or sign FAs, and has signed some undrafted NI free agents in the past (Stoddard, Gytevai, Logan for example) who have made their roster and played for them. He's probably content that they can pencil in 7 NI starting positions for TC with the vets they have and then only needs special teamers and back-ups to fill out the roster - you can find some quality types like that with later round draft picks. The Bombers will continue to be mediocre, IMO, with this guy running the team.
Hoepfully, the Ticats wealth of draft picks - last year and this upcoming one - will combine with some of the solid picks they have made in the past - Radlein, Hage, Filice, Barrencehea, Lumsden - to help form a good roster for the future.