Official - Season Underway

With our first Free Agent Camp this weekend.

Invite only, suggests Moll and Mack have a few prospects they want to take a closer look at without a bunch weekend warriors showing up.

Let the games begin.

It has been a long offseason, hasn't it ?

........I'm really looking forward, to see what Mack and Moll have come up with , with regard to some of our 'urgent' needs.....I guess we can expect some news, on signings ,in the not too distant future.... :thup:

Sure would be nice if they could find a couple of guys who can play DB...cause right now, I've no idea what they're gonna do there...

im not worried because last year at this team, kelly was trading malveaux and had already release malbrough samuels and bean, our only defensive back last season at this time outside of out safety ian logan was jovon johnson. Right now looks like Jovon,Craver and B Stewart are all signed.. We are better off at DB this year at this time then we were last year so no worries just yet.

Would be nice to have hefney come back.. will his size hurt his nfl chances? maybe. But cant bet on him coming back so hopefully this prospect camp they are holding aswell as the others they have planned reveal some real gems, not just db wise but wr wise, dline wise, lb wise and db wise.

mack hasnt been here for 20 some odd years but im not gonna worry cuz apparently last time he was with the bombers he was director of player personnel and we won a cup. I think the guy knows what he's doing and i think we'll be a better team this upcoming season then we were last season even with all the changes.....AGAIN.

I hope we see Heffney back again, his size may hurt his chances at the NFL and i really do wish him the best of luck, but we do need to sign someone to take his place, cannot field a team on a presumption that a player will return. If he does return that would only solidify the defense, but that wouldn't be until August at the earliest and we need that spot filled way before then. I am happy to finally see Free Agent camps underway and i hope we can find a couple of diamonds in the rough (another Heffney) at one or all of the FA camps, obviously the 1ST is an invite ONLY camp and i am sure the BB brass will find some talent, they must have interest in a few player's considering it is an invite only!!

Just a thought, but does anyone else think we should try to get Malveux back in the mix? How about Haywood? Both have been released by the ESKS!!

i dont think malveaux and haywood are options to be honest. It seems to me the bombers are looking to get younger, not older. if anything, and i beleive this cuz i heard haywood on doug browns spinzone talking.. but sounds like haywood really misses his time that he spent playing next to brown. Not saying they are gonna bring him in but if anything or any of the two, i could see haywood being brought in, if for no other reason, for a training camp body.

But honestly the way it looks,seems like we are getting younger and cheaper. Sounds like mack wants to build a team with youth, so with that being said... No i dont think either will be back...but if one is back, my moneys on haywood. And even if haywood is brought back as TC fodder, i think thats all he will be cuz we have a good young dlineman in dorian smith. Very good young player. Had a great season last year and should only get better with more playing time, i like donny oramasionwu out of U of M aswell, played admirable last season when had too (i recall the first game vs edmonton where brown was sick). Not sure defensive tackle is a huge concern of ours.

Defensive Line wise we look pretty decent with Willis,Brown,DSmith,Hunt.Donny O. Haywood doesnt really have a place tho.

You're telling me :lol: This season can't start fast enough in Riderville!

Hopefully Winnipeg has a great year and makes a strong push for top spot in the East :thup:

Best of luck to you guys!