***Official RoughRiders @ Edmonton Thread***

edmontons website are sayin they clinch a home playoff game with a win tonite....but calgary still has 3 games remaining...so THEY would still have a shot at 2nd in the west....?

an edmonton win today puts them at 10-6 with 2 games left
calgary is at 8-7 with 3 games left

  • if calgary beats sask. winnipeg and edmonton they finish 11-7
  • if edmonton loses to bc and calgary they finish 10-8

therefore, calgary still has a chance to get a home playoff date, so i dont know what edmontons site is talkin about?...all they're doin, is stopping sask from hosting a playoff game with an eskimo win today ( sask hasnt hosted a playoff game since 1988 ).

also interesting...edmonton expects a full house of 60 000 today( sask fans making the trip )!
which is odd, since these teams ( sask and edmonton ) met in the playoffs last year, and only drew a crowd of 37 000 ( which was also at commonwealth ).

i have to say, i'm gonna be cheering for saskatchewan....
i want them to host a playoff game for once!!!!

Pre-Game is on CBC right now

I think Walby has a cold, i don't remember his voice that bad. If that is his regular voice i don't want Walby back, can they go on Strike again

it seems the 55 000 + are late for the game...still looks empty

Good Punt Coverage right there.

If this is how the Riders are going to be tackling its going to be a looooooong game.

Davis is KILLING the Ruffies

this game FEELS like a playoff game!

and Edmontons playing Extreamly well so far

Good Stop. Flem is good

3-0 Edmonton

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2005/10/15/1263698-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 8-sun.html[/url]

It's essentially a $500,000 game to Saskatchewan because that's the value of a home playoff date to a franchise consistently flirting with debt. But the $500,000 question is: Can the Riders stop Davis - again? The recipe for success is simple, according to Rider tackle Nate Davis.

TOUCHDOWN Roughriders.....7 - 3

beat me to it so ill just add it was Crandel from the one on a QB sneak

GO SASK............GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7-6...eskimo field goal

Flem makes another FG 7-6 riders

GO SASK. GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree....

Did Walby just say "I think this is going to go back against your Saskatchewan Roughriders"...

GREAT GAME ...........and over 50,000 people at Comm.

Well done SASK fans!!!!!!!!! [40 buses from SASK] , Well done EDMONTON fans!!!!!!!!

…yay…walby is losing his voice…