Official: Riders Labour game SOLD OUT


The Saskatchewan Roughriders are pleased to announce that the August 31st Labour Day Classic against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers has sold out. President/CEO Jim Hopson made the announcement this morning.

“I am very pleased to announce that ticket sales for the Labour Day Classic at Mosaic Stadium have reached our capacity. With our large season ticket base and demand for all of our home games we are encouraging people to get their tickets early.?

Rider game day tickets went on sale this morning and the Labour Day game was sold out within the first hour.

The Riders open their pre-season at Mosaic Stadium on June 13th against the B.C. Lions.

I actually hope some of the bomber fans got their hands on some tickets.  As much as I root against your team, it is a fun atmosphere with you ugly folks kickin around our city and tail gate partying with us.

There will still be tickets availiable cause what they usually do is squeeze a couple thousands people onto the grade. They may even truck in some bleachers.
I have went to several Labour day game that were sold out and always found a scalper selling tickets.

is there anything else to do in sask :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:

ooh ooh, I know, there goes another train ma, lets all run out and wave :lol:

hehehe. Now FYB, you know it's not nice to bait people. :slight_smile:

That cracks me up. Nice one, FYB. :lol:

I guess Chief as a Smoes fan thinking about DM as coach you are more likely to step in front of the train than wave as it passes by. :smiley:

Or if you're a Bombers fan, you're thinking "Great, a train. How's our kicker gonna kick it wide of this thing?"

like this wasn;t expected

Or if you're a Tabbie fan, your team will fumble, and the ball will bounce into the the cattle guard, stick there, and the train will round a bend and head straight for your team's goal line.

Or if you're a Montreal fan, you'll see the train and go "Tabernac, the lettering on those rail cars is only in one language. Gendarmes! Come quick!"

I love it when Manitobans and Saskatchewans argue and debate.
Both lands are flat, cold, filled with bugs, and are extremly boring.
But its home because we are all cheap.
Lets live in the mud and save money,lol

You forgot Corner gas.....Lets all go to the Corner Gas Station and visit everyone.

Actually, I'm the last one to poke fun at rural Canada. The only difference here is I have mountains instead of plains. We have several "Gossip" areas to meet and chat with the folk in the area.

Having spent a good amount of time in your neck of the woods sporty, I'll vouch that they are very similar type atmospheres.

I'm actually missing that area right now. My first year in 7 that I won't be out in BC sticking my hand in the dirt 2500 times a day.

Great job, I hope this gets as much press in Canada as TFC selling out games at BMO and such a hot ticket in Toronto. Man I'm sick of hearing this news day in and day out around here. :x

If you wanna talk redneck FYB... go to Alberta!!! Mountain people and ranchers are faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more redneck than any single Saskatchewanian. You'd feel so utterly sorry and stupid if you came here and saw how it actually is on the prairies. But you'll never do that, and hallelujah for that. :wink:


Yea and Saskatchewan is faaaaar more redneck than Vancouver lol. what if it is, and so what if it isn' couldn't pay me to live anywhere but here, and I suspect many others country-wide feel the same.

Get off the region-bashing, even though it's in fun, and get back to the topic.

I'd live someplace tropical in a heartbeat. I'm considering making it a personal mission to slap every politician who was against making Turks & Caicos a Canadian province.

my comments were 100% friendly ribbing. No need to turn it into something negative.

FTR - I have not only seen how it is, I have lived it for a short spell. I have been through sask many times, by bus, train, car and hitchhiking, without complaints. I have lived in sticks of manitoba on country farms, as well as 15 yrs in winnipeg and surrounding area. There is a lot I miss about the prairies, but with too many mosquitos, too long too cold winters, and no mountains, it just aint for me. OTOH, I would give anything if BC place would sell out just one single reg season game, sigh

in short, I tease, because I am jealous.

The only reason sask is way more redneck than vancouver is that we're still part of canada instead of a new piece of china