official: Ottawa kills another team

Sure enough, the lack of sports fans in Ottawa willing to support the local team, drives away yet another franchise ...

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I wonder what the excuse is this time?


Now WINNIPEG has the highest quality baseball in Canada outside Toronto.

Go Goldeyes! :smiley:

Ottawa may be a great hockey city... but they seem to be pretty lukewarm when it comes to other sports.

I wish I could blame this on Ottawa fans, but in this case it isn't true. All of Canada's Triple A teams have left for greener pastures across the border. We have seen Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver leave over the past few years lured by multi million dollar stadiums and communities offering huge tax breaks for the opportunity to have the best baseball teams outside of the majors. canadian cities couldn't compete, it is as simple as that.

Now WINNIPEG has the highest quality baseball in Canada outside Toronto
which ranks right up there with having the most biggest steak carrying mosquitos :thup: :P :)

What about the Quebec Capitales in the CAN-AM league ?

As for the Lynx, looks like I have 1 more season to enjoy with my kid. :frowning:

I don't go often, but I remember 10 years ago when the stadium was full and they were the AAA team of the Expos.

Looks like the 'Sens & 67's will be the only show in town....unless a CFL team re-appears in '07.

Vancouver still has the single "A " Canadians and the UBC Thunderbirds...

That isnt as funny now that we barely have any this year, hell I would go as far as saying i have seen 10 or less this year.

Baseball is dying in this country. Teams have died left and right. TV ratings for baseball are horrible. Fewer kids are playing the game anymore. Its a sport on the brink of extinction in Canada.

YEt why is it we never read this about baseball in the CAnadian media? The answer is easy. Because unlike the CFL, baseball has all kinds of fans in the CAnadian media.

So they ignore the negatives of that sport. But soon there's not gonna be anymore baseball to cheer for in this country. And the Canadian media can't even see it coming.

While baseball is very boring to me to watch, it is a fine game to play, right behind NA Football and World Football. I would hate to see it disappear from out parks and playgrounds, but love to see it disappear from TV

I would just like to see it......disappear :thup:

Actually, it is.

"The problem is the sheer lack of interest that Ottawa fans are showing in their team. With an average of just 1,000 people at every game, the Lynx has the lowest attendance record of any team in the International League, a group that includes teams from all across North America."

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Seems odd to me that if Baseball is so 'out' in Canada, why its doing so well in Winnipeg. I personally HATE watching baseball (fun game to play with buds & suds tho) .. however, the Goldeyes have done it perfect. Really, an incredible venue, good product, and the value cannot be beat.


I think the CFL can work in Ottawa. A good 5 year plan to produce a good product on the field and good owners are essential. A competitive team, even if they lose more than they win, will help them as well. If the new team shows steady improvement , then the football fans there will be back. IMO, the Lynx problems were affected by what happened to the Expos when they were still in Monteal. After their affiliation with the 'spos ended, there was a big disconnection with the Lynx in Ottawa.

I beleive that Ottawa can thrive in the CFL once again. It needs to return back to it's roots and get things going on the right foot.

Now the CFL, who are returning in 2007, and NHL will be top dogs in Ottawa togerther! YEAH!

Jet, who gives a hot about baseball in WPG? only place in Canada that still cares is TO, with is supported by East Ontario, only place in Canada with it's own Baseketball league, and MLB and NBA teams (supported in part by Buffalo, and upper NY state). I hate MLB, and baseball isn't a very good sport (the foul ball rule sucks!)

Baseball is dying in this country. Teams have died left and right. TV ratings for baseball are horrible. Fewer kids are playing the game anymore. Its a sport on the brink of extinction in Canada.
i agree 100%. baseball in the maritimes used to be probbaly the best around 15 years ago. every small community in the province would have their team, and it would be a hardcore thing. its such a great sport for rural areas, but with better modern technology, easier transportations, these rural communities are more connected to the bigger towns and cities nearby. everyones "connected" and "close together" then ever before. this has seen a decrease in the popularity in baseball in the maritimes. you drive to any community in nova scotia, and you'll see once beautiful large baseball parks, rundown, and never used. its sad to see, but baseball is as good as dead in my eyes. in the town league when i was a younger guy, there used to be mosquito league teams just for the town only, and we used to have teams for pretty much every street/close neighbourhood. now theres 1 team for the whole town, and i think at the oldest age level now, we dont even have a team anymore. times have changed so rapidly in the last 10 years, i can't see baseball lasting into the end of the next decade! :cry:

A fair number of kids will still play baseball even if all the pro teams including the Blue Jays go down the tubes. Like soccer, we don't yet have an MLS team in this country until next year but it is very popular with kids, an easy game for kids to play.
But for entertainment in the summer, if I had a choice between pro baseball or CFL football, CFL all the way, even last week with my Cats getting murdered by the Riders, I enjoyed the game stayed right until the end with the wife because watching guys crunching other guys is more fun than watching some guy swing a piece of wood at a little ball I can't see very well any ways.

A survey of sports in CAnda I saw a few months back showed that interest in baseball was on a steep decline, and that participation in baseball by our youth was down near the bottom of the list.

We can always hope...

If I had kids, and we don't have any, I'd have them in soccer and football as my field sports and hockey for my indoor sport. If they were ok with this of course.

The decline in the popularity of the Lynx has a lot to do with how MLB treated the Expos in their last 10-15 years of existence. Many fans in Ottawa took bus trips to Montreal to see the Expos from the late '70’s to the early '90’s, but seeing them constantly stripped of their best players drove Ottawans away from the game just like it did Montrealers. I stopped watching baseball after the '94 strike when the Expos lost what may have been their best chance to win a World Series just to come back to see more players taken. The money situation in baseball has only gotten worse. People in Ottawa connect the Lynx to the Expos. As for football, it is funny to see people in this forum wondering how long the fan support will last in Hamilton while criticizing Ottawa. Give Hamilton another 15 years of what they have had in the last few and see what fan support will be like.