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Apologies if this has ever been covered, but are there any golfers on the board?

I played almost daily during my last couple years of high school high school(late 1980s), then drifted away. Got back to playing almost daily in my late 20s to early 30s, then drifted away again. For the next 15 or so years I played about 10-15 rounds a year, but since CV19 struck in 2020 I’ve been back to playing a bunch and I’m really enjoying it. I’m not sure why I ever stopped playing when I did…

Does this thread accept unfeigned TiCat fans ? Asking for an emulator . :laughing:

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I find when I get interested in April/May I play a lot (20-30 rounds). When I procrastinate I don't get into it and barely play.

It's getting harder to find people to play, and the prices are getting astronomical.

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It's getting harder to find people to play, and the prices are getting astronomical.

I would agree :laughing:

I play about 40 - 50 rounds per year. I’m still happy if I break 100😆. I share a Golf Passport book with a buddy (all 2 for 1 coupons), a bunch of us buy Willow Valley seniors coupons. A few Golf North 2 for 1’s sold at Christmas every year. All this makes it almost affordable. I think I average less than $55 per round for golf, cart and taxes.
The only issue these days is getting tee times. You almost have to book 2 weeks out to get morning tee off times. Too many old farts and “work from home” guys because of Covid-19.


I spend more than that on the two cartons of balls I lose per round... lol

Okay, here's a new one.

I am undergoing a procedure that may determine if I'm a candidate for a nerve ablation procedure for my chronic knee pain (torn ACL - 5 surgeries total). Has anyone either had this procedure, or knows someone who has?

Nope. Not a one. But if you still have pain after the surgery... one of my late relatives had knee replacement surgery that left him pain free and completely functional. He couldn't have been happier with the result.

My doctors and I believe that it's the nerves constantly sending pain signals due to trauma, not any thing structurally wrong with my knee, and I'm too young for a replacement anyhow.

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Have you tried high potency CBD oil (very low THC unless you want to get high😝)I’ve used it for about 3 years for chronic back pain and it seems to work to lessen the pain. It effects the part of your brain that processes pain. I’ve only used Cannibis derived oils, not hemp. I take one millilitre or less daily. 25 mil costs about $60 so about $2 per day. It takes around 30 days for it to have effect as it needs to build up in your body.
There is no scientific papers to back it up but my experience is that it helps (me).
I recently stopped taking it just to see what would happen and in less than two weeks my pain is back. Gonna order more tomorrow.

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I take CBD gel caps as well as other prescriptions. I also get Cortisone and Hyaluronic acid gel injections into my knee joint. Ablation might be the next step. My doctors believe that the nerves were damaged as a result of an infection post-surgery that kept me in the hospital for a week on antibiotics.

I played tons when I was 13-14. Unionville Fairways. Very short 18 hole Par 3. Junior membership in 1970 was $25.00 for the summer. Golf as much as you want, as long as you were off the course by 5pm. Never played less than 36 holes a day, sometimes 54!

Problem was, I didn't have the temperment for the game. Bit of a club-tosser. I realized after a few years I was paying to go out and be cranky. So I quit playing.

Fast forward about 20 years. My son came along. We golfed every Saturday at Fox Run from the time he was four. It was so much fun golfing with Frankie. Still is. I totally enjoy it now. :blush:


Continuing with the off-topic theme. . .

Who has an interest in fishing?

I've been an avid fisherman since being a teenager, and I currently take four trips up north each year. The fellow who has been joining me on my September trip over by Dryden in NW Ontario has to drop out this year, so I am seeking a replacement.

If you might be interested shoot me a message with your email and I'll send you all the pertinent details along with some pics and few videos of the lodge.

My roomate in 3rd year at Waterloo became an optometrist in Dryden. Followed his dad's footsteps.

Ken Dryden was a great NHL goalie. He was actually born in Hamilton. I wonder if he's a TiCat fan? :smile:

I used to fish off a dock on Lake Muskoka for a week each year when my family went to a resort called Milford Manner near Bracebridge. Mostly rock bass and sunfish, but I got the occasional smallmouth or lake trout. I once had a pike on my line, but it sheared-off the leader.
You have to remember, this was back in the 70s and 80s, so there was no Internet in which to occupy a bored kid's time. Fishing was probably the safest thing to do all day... lol

I would occasionally fish off a pier in Pompano, but never caught anything but rocks. The ONE time I went "deep-sea " fishing in Florida, I caught a 10"-long hammerhead.

The Rideau River, which is about 2 blocks from me, is clean, and apparently has a large enough fish population to support river otters. This makes me think that I should drop a line in the water sometime this summer.

Or at least a Tim Horton's fan. Timmie's Store Number One, Ottawa & Dunsmore in Hamilchuck :grinning:.

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