Official Name: RedBlacks. Nickname: Rough Riders.

The Rough Riders nickname was always The RED and BLACK, so REDBLACKS is an excellent choice! I've seen more REDBLACKS merchandise and ppl wearing caps and tees than ever before (and we're still a year away from fielding a team). I wish you guys would get over it!! :thdn:

What you need to get over BluesMan is that some folks simply don't like the name and may never like it and more importantly they are entitled to their opinion. The naysayers are in good company. Just read what legendary Russ Jackson has to say:

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"I've seen more REDBLACKS merchandise and ppl wearing caps and tees than ever before" by BluesMan

Than ever before what? Well duh. Each time they make a sale of merchandise it means they've now sold more than "ever before".

Several years ago the Vancouver Canucks NHL team came out with these ugly jerseys with orange, black and red V stripes. They were disgraceful. The players hated them. Most of the fans hated them even more. The guys looked great on Halloween night. Did the fans stop buying seasons tickets and merchandise? Of course not.

"The Rough Riders nickname was always The RED and BLACK, so REDBLACKS is an excellent choice! " BluesMan

Based on that it would be a logical choice but far from an excellent choice so we'll disagree on that one! Who knows maybe the "The Rough Riders" will become the new nickname of the RedBlacks. lol

Than ever before what? Duh... than when the Rough Riders were playing! :roll:
You mean this Russ Jackson? Doesn't seem to hate the name here: or here:
Vancouver has an NHL team?? :cowboy:
Btw, who names a football team Lions in a league that already has another Cats name in Hamilton, and another Lions name in Detroit?? Wow B.C., great name choice!!

"Always" is a long time. I was only a fan fro the late 80's on, but I don't recall them referred to as the red and black a single time. As far as the merchandise goes, the only time I've seen any of it is at the Carleton Ravens home opener. And one of the people wearing it was Marcel Desjardins. Otherwise, I have yet to see a single person wear the name and/or logo.

People only need to go back to 2002 when the Renegades were named to compare. No one said it was the worst name in pro sports, no one said it was an embarassment and no critisized it still three months after it was made official. A "great name" doesn't generate this kind of reaction.

Those links you posted BluesMan are simply promo videos and nothing more. Of course Jackson isn’t going to diss the team name choice in front of 200 fans while the new name was being unveiled by Hunt the owner. Why on earth would you put up those links? The other link was just Jackson announcing when the new name would be revealed. Did you even read Jackson’s comments:

““The Red Blacks, to me, seems to get you to a soccer situation,? Jackson said. “I don’t know of a professional North American football club that’s named with just colours but that seems to be the one that’s bouncing around.?”

Granted he may have overlooked the Cleveland Browns but the story behind that one is palatable.

“Btw, who names a football team Lions in a league that already has another Cats name in Hamilton, and another Lions name in Detroit?? Wow B.C., great name choice!!”…by BluesMan

At least the Lions never folded during their entire franchise history! :wink:

Now, let us cut to the chase BluesMan. You don’t need to defend the Ottawa RedBlacks nor do you need to go after the B.C. Lions. No one is attacking the Ottawa franchise. Some are just saying that the ownership could have picked a better name or make chippy comments about the Canucks. I could care less.

Personally I do not believe for a minute that the so called “new” generation or young generation would have disagreed had the owners named its new team the Rough Riders. In fact they probably would have loved it as they sat in the stands with their fathers or grandfathers.

Beagle - no one disagrees the Rough Riders name would've been popular. BUT, they couldn't use it!!

Who names a team "Roughriders" when...

Well that's Saskachewan for ya... to be fair though, they did play in a different league at the time, and have since worked damned hard to build and grow their brand (3rd only to Leafs and Canadiens in merchandising sales in Canada)... which is huge considering they play 20 odd games a year!

It is irrelevant whether they could legally use the Rough Riders name again or not. Rough Riders and RedBlacks were not not the only choices. But it is all moot now. I am delighted that Ottawa has got a franchise and it will be great to see games being played in Ottawa once again. I'm sure the fans are ecstatic. Certainly the players being signed on will be happy. Let us hope that the Ottawa team will stick around for years to come.

Watching the CFL bring in another team into the fold rather than lose another team can only be a good thing for Canadian football and that is what it is all about.

I never like the the RedBlacks name but it certainly won't affect my pleasure in watching their opening game and at times even cheering for them as long as their not playing the Detroit Li.....oops sorry, the B.C. Ti-c...... ooops sorry again.....the B.C. Lions! :rockin:

And what's with those Detroit Li... erm BC Lions wearing those BLACKBLACKS 3rd jerseys?? :wink:

I've no idea who came up with those uniforms although the link below may answer your question about the "gun-metal" uniforms. The numbers were unbelievably difficult to see from any distance. Maybe that was the idea. I hope they never go back to them. The Lions looked like a SWAT team rather than a football team.

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Jesus man, get over it. You're the RedBlacks. Roughriders is taken, it's NOT HAPPENING.

Personally I don't mind it: RedBlacks, it reminds me of the world renowned New Zealand rugby team. But en francais it sounds even better Rouge-et-Noir. Sounds like Le Rouge et Or at Laval in the CIS. So overall I will take it. But can someone please explain why it needs to be capital letters for the whole thing? That part doesn't make any sense to me?

RedBlacks… I love it. Totally original, I'm glad they are thinking outside of the box. RedBlacks. so much potential.

Definately, the name REDBLACKS has so much more marketing potential than all of the lame names that were suggested.

Lol...Hey, I'm willing to play along with a name I hate, especially since pretty much everything else the organization has done has been top notch, but please give it a rest with the "potential" stuff, lads. You're making stuff up to make the name seem more acceptable to people who hate it but you're unable to back it up.

Like it all you want, if you really do, but at least recognize that you're in a significant minority. That months have gone by and comments are still being made about what a terrible name it is (not just here) should be evidence enough of that. That didn't happen with "Renegades".

People need to get past it, and hopefully they will, but some of you need to accept that it was a bad choice. You may personally like it, but you can't look at such a negative reaction and say "well done".

It's OK to admit that the team may have stubbed their toe on that one move. Doesn't make you any less of a fan.

Sorry to disagree, but most of the naysayers aren't CFL fans and never had intentions on attending any games! Since Rough Riders wasn't available, to me the logical name was the team's nickname REDBLACKS (Red and Black)!! :cowboy:

Most of the naysayer didn't intend to go to games? Does that explain the boos during the name reveal at the E&Y center? I would think that most of the people who bothered to go to the name announcement had planned to also go to games. Even outside after after the event, people were saying that the logo was OK but the name sucked.

You're kidding yourselves in an attempt to defend a terrible name no matter what. Just face reality. The team blew it on that one. I know people who are buying the French merchandise because it includes the "et" in the name (Rouge et Noir), and others who are waiting to buy merchandise that displays only the logo and not the name (and I'm among them).

You can pretend otherwise 'til the cows come home, but six months later there is still a simmering dislike for the RedBlacks name. This didn't happen with Renegades and wouldn't have happened with a more traditional name.

They will ALWAYS be the Rough RIders to me. :thup:

I was neutral on the name when I first heard it; and it's already grown on me! I've never understood the thought process in "hating" a name/logo. We all know that every football fan in Ottawa (and Kingston) will love it the first time they win a playoff game...if not before then. JUST BE HAPPY THAT THE CFL IS BACK IN OTTAWA!!! :rockin: