Official Name: RedBlacks. Nickname: Rough Riders.

I'm not sure why they always shorten their names either but they almost all do.

its what we do.

we are a lazy species.

So the folks in Saskatchewan wouldn't let Ottawa use the name "Rough Riders". OK-I assume that this means that the Calgary Stampeders will be getting rid of their black helmets and returning to their proper colours of red & white ONLY.

...and if not, why not?

BTW, here in Toronto, most fans still call it "Skydome".

More like if so, why? The Ottawa team will use black more prominently and depending on where the game is played, one team will wear its "whites" anyway. It's not as though they'll be hard to tell apart.

Checkerboards are red and black your nickname could be that!!! has a nice ring to it :smiley: GO CHECKS GO!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin:

I heard that Sask now is thinking of a name change! They just realized that The Rough Riders was the name of a US cavalry unit and they are thinking about the marketing of something like - "The Green&Whites"

They'd be cooler if they named them the GreenWhites and once again copy from Ottawa's football team name.

I like the name R-Blacks.

I'll be calling the RedBlacks.... RedBlacks or Rouge et Noir!

I wonder if Arby's will be one of the sponsors.
I can see newspaper headlines calling them the RB's at times. Sports writers like to use other names when writing up their report. Such as calling the Argos the "Boatmen" or the "Scullers". The Alouettes are called the "Larks" and the Als.

The Alouettes are "Les Oiseaux"
"The Birds" in French

The Alouettes were also known as the "Larks" in the 60's and 70's.

I think this should happen. Calgary was for decades red and white, and they happen to have the worst uniforms in the league now. They should offer to let Ottawa be the one red and black team in the league and go back to their historical colours (and redo their awful uniforms at the same time). If they don't offer to do this, the league should strongly ask them to. Don't know if they could force them, hopefully sanity would prevail and they'd do the honourable thing. But then again it is the Stampeders.... 8)

Yeah, you can't force a nickname, it has to develop organically. Who knows what the RedBlacks may one day see turn into a nickname?

Never in a million years for me! It is one of the silliest names anyone could have ever come up with. I'm delighted to see Ottawa back in the CFL and I hope it is 3rd time lucky and the team will be around for a very long time. I also hope the name is change in the not too distant future. Some people like it for sure. Each to his own. It certainly wouldn't stop me from becoming a seasons ticket holder but I think it is a terrible choice and if other CFL fans take my comment personally that's too bad.

One reason I'm shocked is that I remember reading an article about the Ottawa franchise coming up with a name. The owner was quoted as saying he was looking for a name that would reflect the 30 something younger crowd. A name that the fans in their 30s could connect with and get excited about. That makes sense but how on earth does "REDBLACKS" represent the 30 something generation. I just don't get it. If the idea was to "connect" with the fans and a name to identify with especially those in their 30s and also keep the R, there were plenty of good names that I think would have met the criteria.

Anyways, like someone suggested the nickname "Roughriders" may well be adopted. Regardless, I think it's great to see a 9th team back in the CFL. Can't wait to see expansion out east. That will be a huge milestone if it ever happens!

You are onto something there DoubleBlue. Why not the "Ottawa Arbees"? They drop the red black nonsense name, but cryptically keep the R and B. It's a win/win. Those who like the name RedBlacks still hear R and B. The Arby's restaurant chain would be ecstatic. Instead of the Scotia Bank logo there would be the Arby's logo on the jersey. It could work.

I'm with you, man.

I don't recall if I said it here but I think it does the impossible, in a way. It gets critisized for being both "out there" because there's no name like it yet unimaginative because it's just combining colours.

I hate it because after years of the franchises here being laughing stocks, I thought these guys would be savvy enough to avoid it.

Months later you still get comments to the effect that it's the worse name in pro sports so no, many people won't "get used to it". Some have grown to like it and those who hate it will live with it, but overall I think they bungled the thing.

The name is so bad that it overshadowed most of the good moves they made. All the comments in the Ottawa Sun following their draft, for example, were about how dumb the name is (because Tim Baines insisted on using it before it was officially announced). Brutal.

You are one year too late - the name debate and selection voting was last December!!
Where have you guys been this past year??? You just woke up and found out Ottawa has a new name??

Hunt got so many silly suggestions and there wasn't one name that overwhelmed people or one name that got more votes than any other. Not one name will appeal to everyone.
This is a name that appeals to a new generation and is marketable and has potential. The only people that are against the REDBLACKS name are the old crowd that still wants to hang on to the RoughRiders

Get over it and get behind your team , stop fighting it and complaining about it, it's a done deal.

No, people of all ages think the Redblacks name is idiotic. It's not a "Rough Rider or else" issue, it's a stupid name in and of itself. It even drew booes when announced.

And drop the "get behind your team" crap. Beagle said it wouldn't be cause for him to not support the team and I agreed with him. I've had my tickets reserved for over five years. If you can't handle criticism about the name, stay off name-based threads.

Here's a good example of what I was saying earlier. The team makes its first draft pick ever. All anyone can talk about is how dumb the name is.

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Sorry Mikem but you're way off base. People didn't just wake up and realize that the Ottawa team has a new name. Many have been following the name controversy as long if not longer than you so don't pat yourself on the back too hard.

This isn't about RedBlacks vs Rough Riders or the "old crowd" whining. No doubt many would have liked to see the original name Ottawa Rough Riders retained for nostalgia reasons. Nothing wrong with that. And no doubt fans across the CFL will eventually get used to the name. But that is not the same as embracing the name. Remember when the Ottawa team adopted the name Renegades? I didn't read a lot of controversy back then.

In the end, Hunt is the guy paying the bills so of course he can call his team whatever he wants to call it but I for one find the name terribly bland and sterile. It's like calling a team: Team A or Shirts or Team Green during a practise session in a high school. Will it be a marketable name? Well I guess if fans want to buy merchandise they don't have much choice do they?

You say the name has "potential". What on earth is that suppose to mean?

You have said that it is a name that appeals to the new generation. Really? Do you have a reliable opinion poll to support that or is that just your opinion.

Like you say it is a done deal and the name is here to stay but people are not whining and complaining. They are expressing their opinions and they have that right. Try not to take things so personally.