Official: MB is the O.C.

Spammers, whiners, doubters, post for the sake of posters go nuts.
He's done well wherever he's went, especially in the rushing dept.
Obie and Charlie thought enough about him to bring him here. Six months before the first snap I dont see how any can complain. But I know that's never stopped anyone in here.

i love this move, he'll be great

this is horrible, what a bad choice for OC

Welcome and good luck to Marcel Bellefeuille. Heres hoping he has better results here than his last 2 posts.

looks like i've got my bases covered for the year regardless of the outcome...

I agree. People like to hate on him but he gets the job done and makes the play offs. He might be known for running more than most but when Keith and Holmes are your RB’s and Greene, Butler and Crandell are your QB wouldnt you run too?

Way to cover all the bases Espo

Been to the playoffs virtually everywhere's he's been.
I'll take that kind of luck anyday.

Beats the hell of your lucky penny.

And that's why they never had a winning record until Kent Austin came in. Marcel B has been 9-9 everywhere he's been, quit urinating on my back and telling me it's raining.

Everyone is so happy with mediocrity. Making the playoffs and 9-9 records is not getting the job done, winning the Grey Cup is getting the job done and the last team to win a Grey Cup with a ball control offence was Baltimore and before Balitimore you'd have to go back to the stone ages to find out.

looks like i've got [b]my bases[/b] covered for the year regardless of the outcome...
Wrong sport, man. Sheesh.... some of the posters around here. :)

11 - 7 '03
9 - 9 '04
9 - 9 '05
10 - 8 '06
8 - 10 '07

only one ‘losing’ season and I think Popp had a big factor in the offence last season. Drexl who was to OC out there that got away? Who should the Cats have selected instead?

You win Grey Cups with defense.
MB gets results with rushing and that is one of Ham.'s few strengths and now he’s got a rushing QB to boot.
Putting way too much responsibility on MB already as Taaffe will essentially be the assn’t OC or vice versa.
To second guess this hire is to second guess Obie, Taaffe and Mitchell to cast that wide a net and
to doom and gloom it all whilst snow is on the ground and the training camp roster sheet is as clean and white takes alot of cynicsm.
But that’s your right, I guess.

The guy who was oc of Regina in '06, tommy Condell. But I promise I won’t bad mouth Marcel B anymore, the deal is done, I have to live with it LOL.

As I said before, a simple ball control Offence,
[like Marcel has run, ] weighted towards running,

would be a good way for Casey to get in sync
with his team-mates to start the season.

Anytime that approach is not working
we can always fall back on Plan B,

Casey Printer's scrambling ability

especially, once our receivers learn
what to do after a play breaks down.

Later on in the season, I would like to see
Casey attempting 2 or 3 long bombs every quarter.

The guy who was oc of Regina in '06, tommy Condell. But I promise I won't bad mouth Marcel B anymore, the deal is done, I have to live with it LOL.
Thx 10 - 8 was Montreal's record in '06. I don't care if you bad mouth Marcel just add something to the converstation. You say he's awful without adding any suggestions as to who you would perfer and why.

I don't see how M.B. can be any worse than the past few that we've had. Sure Montreal struggled last year on offence but when Marcus Brady and Maas are your starting QBs any O.C. will struggle, the offence was better when Calvillo was there.

We'll just have to give him a chance, trust in Obie and Taffy, cross our fingers and hope.

I like it. As the weather gets colder you must run. The Cats were a good running team last year given all the injuries. I really love the idea of play action off of Jesse or Cauley. Things are looking up in my view.

I think we would have been capable of 1500 yards rushing even before this now I honestly think 1800 to 2000 is a real possibility if Cauley, Jesse and Printers can stay healthy for most of the season.

The key is keeping these three guys healthy. The o-line must stay together and improve and being an old o-line guy in high school, I know they will enjoy pounding people with running plays more often rather than sitting back in pass protecion.

It's going to be tough to defence Jesse, Terry, Casey.

Does anyone know how good a blocker Frank Murphy is?

The musical chairs are getting taken up. MB as OC in Hamilton. Kavis Reed promoted to DC in Toronto today. I think both are good moves. MB knows the CFL (the other teams and their personnel, effective strategies, etc.). And as others have pointed out, can he be any worse than what they've had here the last couple of years?

Reed just moves up the ladder--continuity is important and the Argos have it with Reed replacing Stubler.

Good moves by both teams.

An Argo-Cat fan

Frank Murphy is an excellent blocker.

And you tlked about our rushing potential, last year we ran 2200 yards, first in the CFL, you don't win or score points in this league by running, our passing game needed to improve and we need balance that's why I wanted Condel, he is someone who is a balanced play caller and a film room nut which is what you want in a coach, not someone who is stubburn and sticks with the same show every week.

Tommy Condell? The same guy that coached in Ottawa and Saskatchewan and is now in college?