Official Logo 103rd Grey Cup in Winnipeg

Like it :rockin:

Winnipeg is going to do a great job

Like it and if the league moves the Grey Cup up a month as they should, and nothing less, I might be able to convince the wife to drive there from Hamilton and take a week vacation and do some hiking in Riding Mtn National Park. End of November, no thanks. Not exactly the time I want to visit out west.

Looks like a beer label.

Looks like a labatt beer logo from the 90s.

Maybe that was the point. :wink: It is only for the GC party....I mean...festival, .....not the actual game.

Yeah, it doesn't look like the official game logo. Mostly like the 2015 logo will be a variation of the roundel they've been using since 100.

Is it sponsored by Labatt or Ford by any chance?

Gotta get another bundled up chick, for halftime.

Hey Earl, I guess you didn't know but the game is officially scheduled for Nov.29/15. The earliest the CFL can move up the schedule would be in 2016.

Well I do want to get to a game at the nice new stadium in Winnipeg and maybe we'll take in a regular season game there when the Cats play if we can fit this into our schedule.

Yeah, I like it too


Good things brewing...

Love the look of this! Makes sense that it looks similar to the labatt's logos, it's gotta subtle tribute to Labatt... due to the fact that "Blue" was nicknamed after the Blue Bombers, and it stuck ever since. I think that's probably why it somewhat resembles a beer logo :stuck_out_tongue:
Or maybe the Graphic Designer just had beer on his mind.

Sorry if I offend but am I the only one who thinks it sucks? It's painfully dull and simple. I mean, is this a multi-million dollar championship event or a flyer ad for a dinner-dance at the local 4H club??

Really? "You Belong Here?" How long did it take to dream up that one? :roll: