Official Lions/Stamps Smacktalk Thread!

I have always said I liked HB, I don't know how many times I have to say it. Many in the Rider Nation might be cheering for BC, but I would imagine they are more likely to cheer for the Stamps. I can't speak for anyone other than myself. Yes, I am cheering for the Stamps now that the Riders are out.

Well the two teams are evenly matched up other then in defense. Our defense has played very good for being young. I hope they keeep up the intensity. We are not evenly matched however at QB. I think Hank has it together. I credit Dave Dickenson and I would expect him to next season as a Stamp. He will be rewarded with a coaching job I am sure.
There two question marks I see with the Lions and I am sure I will be drilled for saying this. But their oline has not played well as a unit. They have talent but one would have to question why Buck is getting beat up. The other has been inconsistant play of their db's. This is where the stamps have a slight edge but not much.

You really think the lions are peaking at the right time? they beat a Riders team with a QB who just trows it up for grabs and cant hang onto the ball. Just two weeks ago the stamps beat the lions WITH THEIR BACKUPS! peaking at the right time my ass.
You will be crushed by the Big Red Machine. You cant blame a guy for having hope in his team i guess.

Go refs go! GO refs go! Go refs go!

Here is hoping the refs rip some team off big time in this game.
All kidding aside, I hope the Stumps win.

HAHA, part of me is laughing at this and part of me is terrified that the possibility is truly there that the refs will play too big a role as more than sometimes happens in the CFL. I hope that neither the East or West finals are ruined by crappy reffing.

Go Stamps Go!!

Yes I am reflecting back to the onside kick that the refs blew a win for Calgary. Thats hope they make good calls for both teams.

The game will be over, the lions will have lost and simple Dimon will still be looking over to find a reff to toss out a pass interferance flag. Lions will Druel, but the Stamps shall rule.

The lions ego's are so large they can't fit through a doorway. Thats why it will take several weeks of counselling to come out of the corner they will crawl into when they loose.

It would have been nice to have the Lions fans present here but I understand they had to stay after school.

Don't they teach you how to spell in Calgary? What are they going to loose, a nut?

Seriously, nothing else to contribute, so you rag on his spelling. Weak... incredibly weak...


Can't wait to see Rob Murphy ride your little pony up and down the sidelines after the Lions win tomorrow. It will be an allusion to the fact the lions will be riding rough shot all over those poor stamps. Hank won't know what hit him...or who he got picked off by.

Funny he is a rider fan I suppose he could be in Calgary. :smiley: It appears many rider fans have so much hate for the Lions that they even throw away their Hank sucks shirts. By the way Red thanks!

Knowing Murphy he will get bucked off. Or he could ride it side saddle like most little girsl lOL. Or he could ride the way they carry dead men.