Official Lions/Stamps Smacktalk Thread!

Bring it on stumps. We're peaking at the right time of year while your team sat around and watched in horror the display of Cam Wake and the defense, Buck Pierce and his cool precision. Huffnagel is going to have to take off his "I'm from the Hamptons" sweater wrapped around his neck and get down to work if he wants to compete with Wally and the boys.

I know you stamps fans got some smack so lets get it on!

Yo momma so fat that she...... oh wait, sorry wrong forums!

LOL well guys I have to say Simons pose will be somewhat restricted at McMahon Stadium. :roll:

We are making a personnel change were dressing quick six in the defensive end position.

This past week we had to up the rations for quick six everytime we play BC Lions the horse losses weight from running so much. LOL. How am I doing so far insert bc language here( Dude).

We'll leave the talking to the Lions and their fans. Thats what their best at.

Geez, this is quickly turning into 05's one man show... :lol:

Swervin can you please do me a big favor man. Go talk with Razooli for me and tell him here in Cowtown we throw road apples and they can be eaten but I am sure he will not like the taste LOL. The hot tubs here in Calgary are the horse trough for quick six he is welcome to it but then again quick six may not like it.
Note: Quick Six is the touchdown horse yes we do not have CRazy whats his name here we have a touchdown horse. The horse is slim and mean from playing the riders in October.

Huffandpuffnagel will be have to ride quick6 to Montreal if he wants to see the Grey Cup game because the Leos are coming on strong!

So the stamps will get a 'Quick Six", and that'll be it...after that the horse will fall asleep from boredom.

Huffand puff LOL. Is that not the OC and DC for the Lions LOL.

Calgarys a nice city ,I may be going to the game, lots of BC people that went out there to work in the mid 80s to 90s. Good luck to another well run team from the west. Quick 6 was Cory Philpots nickname by the way.

Burris is going to choke like he always does. You have anyone on the sidelines that knows the leimlich, because by the second half Smilin Hank is going to have a lump in his throat the size of those road apples you keep talking about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun while you are here. I here you can rent out foothills stadium for a kegger there are some fans that will not be using it! LOL.

Sorry this statement can not be used by a BC fan it has a patent on it. Hank is Smilin for one reason and that is the Lions are coming to town. Sort of like seeing Santa Claus.

They will get a quick 6 here and a a quick 6 there etc. This will be Jimenez's coming out party.

I believe this is the year, that Burris wins the big games. He has the maturity that has been missing in his game in past years. The Calgary D has steadily improved over the season, and the Lions are going to find out the hard way how good they are. As if the final game of regular season wasn't some sort of clue.

Sambo say it is not so! Your not pulling for Burris are you. Man Burris will be smiling even more now that he has the backing of the rider nation!The funny thing is those rider fans that live in Calgary will get another opportunity to bragg as a stamp fan LOL. The Stamps are like a spare tire.
All kidding a side. I welcome all rider fans to join the ride to the GC. Your welcome. Now for those dreaded Lions any buddy got some kitty litter.

Jhon Hufnaegel has been to Henry Burris what Kent Austin was to Joseph last year. The exception being that Burris has way more natural ability.

As a result, the Lions will purr like tamed kittens while the Stamps will unleash an unholy stampede on them. The roar of the Lions will be gone by the end of the first half and their litter box will be filled. :slight_smile:

Burris smiling more? Well, it could happen...or he'll choke because there is added pressure on him... :stuck_out_tongue: