Official Lead Up to Grey Cup - The Party Thread

...I was downtown today and had a chance to stroll along Stephen Avenue Mall (8th Ave) and the stage is set for one helluva party I got to tell you....from City Hall to the Bay there are lights/cameras/action and every bar/restaurant/store along that stretch is embracing and bracing for the impending crowd to come...stayed tuned for further live updates....

...use this thread to post your Grey Cup 2009 lead-up news, whether it be here in Calgary or anywhere else....

I've got a bunch of info about the different events going on in and around the city.

The main site with info about the events planned is the

If you're looking for a lot of the unofficial stuff it's at this link:

Here's a link the the Stephens Avenue event that RedandWhite was talking about:

I'm going to the illuminate tomorrow. I guess they have done something like that in Vancouver. I think in Yaletown.
It's supposed to be incredible. They have the whole thing set up with speakers for music. From what I've been told it sounds incredible.

If you're looking for a place to watch the game(besides the bars) there is going to be viewing at the Saddledome. Here's a little blurb about it and a link:
Join the fun at the Grey Cup Family Viewing Party. Catch the Grey Cup Championship at the Saddledome this Sunday. Tickets are $10 and proceeds go to the Calgary Inner-Faith Food Bank.

If you have any questions about events and stuff let me know. It's going to be a sweet grey cup. I think I'm going to check out the Atlantic Schooners event. The Maritimers know how to party!

...snowing like the dickens up in the NW part of town right now, roads are turning to crap real quickly, anyone downtown should be safe but the events at McMahon will be hard to get to unless you're C-training it...

Nice! I hope the snow sticks around. I love a good snowy game! :smiley:

...although it's suppsoed to stay cold tomorrow (-5C-ish) the weather dudes are calling for a mini-chinook on Sunday (+9C)...

Sweet! I am looking forward to a chinook.
We will be iin Calgary by about noonish.
What is exciting to do in the afternoon? Any suggestions?
We will be the ones wearing Rider gear if you are looking for us. :wink:

The Atlantic Schooner thing is pretty fun. I was there last night and the bands were pretty good. They got cans of Keith's for $5 which is ok.

The main roads seem to be getting much better. I was out this morning and the smaller communities are still pretty bad but it's getting better. I think the areas with Grey Cup events should be fine.

I'm going to the Great Big Sea show tonight. They have other artists but I'm really excited for Great Big Sea.