Official Labour Day Tailgate Thread

Well the time is fast approaching and it's time to start thinking Labour Day Classic and with the game is the biggest tailgate party of the season! :rockin:

I've contacted the Cats to see if they are going to be generously providing Porta-lets again like they did last year. I'll let you know when I hear back from them.

I also know the Ron Lancaster Chaptor of CFL Fans Fight Cancer will be holding a fundraising tailgate in Lot J at the compound for the Wellwood Cancer Support Centre in Hamilton. There will be raffles and various BBQ'ed delights for sale if you aren't BBQing yourself.

Personally, I'll be arriving early to set up, have some breakfast and enjoy the day.

What is everyone else's plans for before the big game?

Not leaving here till 4 will clean up the house
Feel the Rottweiler and play with her for a few hours.

Too much info Tom!

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You do know the game is at 4 right?
Or do you have a transporter to get to the game instantly?

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Good luck with the Barbecue for CFL Fans Fight Cancer. I hope to stop by in the AM some time. Hopefully after you have played with the Rottweiller. :slight_smile:

Great to see so many things going on Labour Day.


My buddy and I are coming down from ottawa for our first labour day classic, what can you guys recommend for a great pre game party?

The Tailgate party at Scott Park (Lot J). It is right across the street from Ivor Wynne Stadium. The entrance to the parking lot is off of Cannon St.

Here is a map ([url]Google Maps), and a link to the CFL Fans Fight Cancer website where they are are advertising their game day event ([url][/url]).

The Box J boys will also be there. One of them is a neighbor of mine. Great bunch of guys and a fun party for sure. Here is the Box J Boys website too. [url][/url].

Have fun in the Hammer. It's a great day for football that is for sure.


Hmmmm....I think the Box J Boys are updating their website?? lol There are flowers all over it. :slight_smile: It was looking pretty cool a week or so ago. I know they are in the process of updating it, but they will be at the Tailgate Party. You can't miss them. Men in kilts.

I found this pic of them: [url][/url]

Freudian slip?

Hey boys, been to the last 3 Labour Day Classics and enjoyed all of them.
This year the group of guys Im going with want to tailgate...I was wondering if you could share some info for a noobie to the parties...such as locations, what usually happens there other then drink and eat and what time they usually start at...

If there are already any planned parties please tell me the location so i could drop bye...


Regarding Lot J Tailgating on Labour Day.

First off A BIG THANKYOU TO THE HAMILTON TIGER CATS! the Cat are providing Port-a-lets in the parking lot for the members of the Tailgate community to use.

Some will be arriving at 8:00 am to set up, if you arrive anytime before 12 you should get a good parking spot.

When tailgating in Scott Park, the Ticats Tailgating Fan Community follow some common sense rules of thumb:

First-adults should consume all beverages in non-tranparent cups. I the local law enforcement see open alcohol you will be fined. Plastic cups make for a safer place. Remember there will be kids there and we don't want them stepping on glass.

Second- BYO-EVERYTHING! BBQ's, food, beverages, chairs, tables coolers and garbage bags.

Third - LEAVE LOT J LIKE YOU FOUND IT - CLEAN. The only reason the Tailgate community is allowed to exist is that we do this. That and we as a community have a good time.

Last have fun and celebrate and remember it's a family event. Labour Day is a day to celebrate our great game of Canadian Football and being Canadian. Remeber there will be kids there and as role models, leave your attitudes and drama at home. Come and have a good time and show the younger generation what it means to have a party.

Good points Jare!!

Always leave the place you've been at cleaner than when you arrived, otherwise, kiss the site good-bye...same holds for those who go camping!!

Awesome. Well said, Jare.