Official Labour day smack talk thread

I'm seeing precious little smack talk so here goes...

Mtl vs BC

  • it's like the ugly stepchild fighting with the lecherous uncle. Everyone knows it will be nasty but they have to watch any way. In other words, the toothless Loins get some licks in against the Birds, but despite having limited flight the Tweeters still make the West coasters look like a bunch of Cougar wannabes. Wally tries to defect at half-time singing "Alouette, gentille Alouette".

Ssk vs Wpg

  • Ugh... it's dumb vs dumber! The numerically challenged stubble jumpers say that the Bummers are their vaunted enemy and will want to avenge the collapse of the previous week - and still they can't get it up. Winterpeg has bought stock in band-aid and tensor to keep it's eggshell team together and while they come close they'll falter, as usual. The Riders won't win but will avoid the loss giving the world's most self-aggrandizing fans a reason to gloat - albeit falsely - again.

Tor vs Ham

  • And there is opposition to MMA coming to Ontario? This matchup makes UFC/MMA look like childs play except in the case of the Bloatmen and the PussyCats they're fans are the ones needing diapers - when they aren't biting each others ears off. Spamilton can't find it's way to a new stadium site let alone to a win. And the ArBlows pull out a win and still nobody between Burlington and Kingston notices.

Cal vs Edm

  • Finally a real football game... too bad it has to be spoiled by the Thtampth... a bunch of smelly old nags on their way to the glue factory. Hank 'why don't people respect me' Burris works himself into an apoplectic fit when Nicole's dance number is cancelled, then throws pick after pick and blames the weather. Meantime, the Shmoes decide to once and for all eliminate any QB controversy and run a never before seen 3QB set. In another CFL first all 3 get sacked. Lowest game in decades as only Prefontaine scores - if only to be able to say 'How do you like them crabapples Tranna?

Now THAT''s how you have fun with smack talk! 8)

Is Toronto Hamilton even sold out yet ?

…lol, that was pretty good PRjack, some good jabs in there…

Less than 1,000 tickets available, so yes it will be sold out.

Best game for pure hatred in the stands is CGY EDM ,it's not even close ! Which adds to the atmosphere in the crowd ! Loudest crowd and best party, Regina, no doubt ! Things get going on SAT when all the buses roll in from Wpg and the festivities from the 6 hour trip continue until your back on the bus going home ! The pre party across from the stadium has every other labour day game beat ! They open the gates at noon and you have 10 000 people drinking beer and celebrating CFL and another labour day and usually good hearted trash talk ! The atmosphere is Grey Cup like ! The problem with the Hamilton game is the Argo fans don't really seem to get as fired up as the other 5 teams ! Hamiton should have that game sold out in july if they got some help from Toronto !

You've clearly never been to Hamilton for The Labour Day Classic if you think the hatred in the stands is overtaken by that game in Alberta.

Calgary ain't sold out yet. Partly because the usual Ed
onton fans that come out are staying home this year

Thanks! I tried to be even-handed with my foolishness! 8)

Edmonton fans should be going because they are CFL fans and they should know anything can happen on Labour Day ! Edmonton fans have been spoiled for a long time and as soon as things go bad for a year or two they quit supporting them ?

Having been to both I gotta agree with Blogskee on this.
Fights happen in both (unfortunately) but only in Ham v Tor do you get a couple of adversaries squaring off only to have the TiCat guys mom jump the Argo fan and pull a Tyson on his ear.

Here's the best way to see understand the nuances between the various rivalries ...
A Torontonian and a Hamiltonian both cheer for the Leafs, but they still hate each other.
An Edmontonian hates all teams from Calgary, and vice versa, but they'll still share a common bond if they meet in Ontario.
An Edmontonian and a Saskatcehwanian(?) both cheer for the Oilers, but they still hate each other.
A Manitoban hates all things from Saskatchewan, and vice versa, but they share a common bond because they're not from either Alberta or Ontario.
An Als fan and an Esks fan have a love/hate relationship that only comes from seeing each other at so many GCs.
Montrealers and Vancouverites hate everyone because they're different.

Most of Toronto doesn’t care, more people from Winnipeg make the 6 hour trip to Regina than Toronto fans travel to Hamilton ! It’s not like you can wait until friday before the game and grab 4 tickets to the game ! Winnipeg fans are life and death to get tickets to the game ! Most are forced to go on a bus tour , which costs a lot more than getting the tickets and driving with a few buds and buds to Regina !

nah, they still support the team... there will be plenty of EE fans at that game in Calgyra... It's just that people from Alberta know how to count so they don't over-inflate attendance numbers when visiting the opposition (and have the right number of players on the field). :wink:

No way does EDM cheer for CGY or other way around ! No matter who they play ! Nothing worse for CGY have to put up with Edm winning something or vice versa !

It's not about 'how many' it's about how intense.
The Tor/Ham game is far more 'aggressive' from a fans standpoint than Edm/Cal. Period.

dude... read before you post. :roll:
I did NOT say that Edm "cheers" for Cal. I said the fans abide one another. That is a MASSIVELY HUGE difference.

It was once put to me another way... (read all of this and try to follow along :wink: )
Esk fans hate the Stamps and hate when they do well, but can get along with Stamps fans (especially when they're out of province).
Esk fans can stand the 'Riders, but hate 'Rider fans.
TiCat fans hate the Argos and can't stand anyone from Toronto (no matter what) and vice versa.

Right now In the cfl, as a die hard stamps fan, when sask plays Edmonton, I am cheering for Edmonton. I might even wear a Bertrand jersey. But only against sask

:lol: :thup: yeah, there is that angle as well. If any eastern team is playing a west team that isn't the esks, I automatically cheer for the east team. However, when crossovers come into play things get a bit dicey. 8)

That's your take, that"s great DUDE :? It's a subjective topic and if you read the thread before you posted, you would have known that :roll: :roll: LABOUR DAY SMACK TALK THREAD

And it's going to be even uglier this year compared to the last few years. I can't wait.

It helps that both teams are competitive and the game is more then bragging rights, it's a huge game in the standings !

Hamilton wins big 37 - 12
Calgary wins a tight one 27 - 25
SK wins a hard fought game 32 - 20