Official June 29 Postgame Thread

GOTC wrote:

[b]"There is how its going down against the Lions. The cats will play very hard against the LIONS because of their
embarrassing lost to the riders , but because of their lack of talent they will accumulate alot of penalties and get
blown out again.

That's how I see it!"[/b]

I'm not sure if it will be a blow out. But, sad to say, I anticipate a loss against B C. It will be interesting to see what adjustments this team makes during the course of the week, leading up to that game, and how they perform.

Unless the Lions don't show up, which I doubt they will, should Hamilton even comes close in this one, I will still consider it SOMEWHAT of a victory, as it may indicate that we may be on the right track. Yes, I know what a moral victory counts for in the standings. I've seen enough of them with this team. I can still hear Marcel's postgame interviews ringing in my head from the last 3 years....

Ticats are a very explosive team, remember its ony the 3rd game of the season, when they put it all together, look out !! :thup: This team is capable of putting up large numbers ##

Tc23 wrote:

"Ticats are a very explosive team, remember its ony the 3rd game of the season, when they put it all together, look out !! This team is capable of putting up large numbers ##"

I truly admire your optimism, Tc23, and I hope you're prediction is right.

However, you still need a defense to stop the other team from accumulating points. Our Dline and secondary proved rather leaky. I'm hoping that the problem is not personnel, but rather, the scheming. But, then we better have a DC who can scheme or we're not much better off. If we can't improve in either area, then we will be faced with long games where the offense will be left with watching, rather than playing, as the defense will be on the field for much of the time.

As has been told many times, here and elsewhere, you need ALL 3 AREAS of your game to be working well to win....

i only read through 2 pages, but i haven’t seen anyone who has been critical of chevy walker’s lack of blocking.

time and time again, he refused to block on passing plays. this led to burris being flushed from the pocket early and rushing throws. he doesn’t even look like he tries to block. he just steps up to the line and puts no effort into stopping the opposing pass rush. just lets people run around him.

yea, he’s fast and he did score, but if he continues to abandon his responsibility as a blocker, i don’t think he’ll be around too long.

i hope they start cobourne next game. i’m sure that will make a huge difference.

Hi DG:

The fact that Walker could not block well has been pointed out here, I believe my one of the Als fans.

I did see him try to block a couple of times, and I think, even one of the TV commentators pointed out his poor results.

Not sure if it's his lack of familiarity with the offense, opening night gitters, or poor technique. I agree, it has to be corrected and fast. But, to be fair, the Oline did not do their part either.

There's plenty of blame to be had for Friday night.

i'm glad people are not giving him a free pass because he scored.

I do think that Walker will be an exciting player to watch and will offer plenty with his speed and moves. Great catcher out of the backfield. He offers a lot of choices for George and Henry.

He does need to be more responsible in the backfield too, and once that is corrected, the Tiger cats will have another stick of dynamite to explode on enemy defenses.

I'm glad here's here. And let's not forget what Cobourne said about retirement when he came back!!!

i'd use chevy walker as a returner until he shows he can block.
bring cobourne back.
groom chevy to be the running back of 2013.

May have missed it but I’m surprised nobody mentioned how bad Eiben was.

Regarding Chevy, he can’t be a feature returner because he can’t field punts.

Jason Maas.

We should hire some Private Investigators to help us find our defense. I don't know where they were for the home opener but it wasn't Ivor Wynn.

What Defence? We don't have one! :thdn:

Well, a couple of starters and one backup were on IR. Not that much of a mystery to me.

Coach Cortez has told his players to STOP talking about the past game 24 hours after the game, win or lose.
So let's stop talking about a game played four days ago and start talking about the game coming up in three days.

Ok, I am glad the game starts at 10 p.m. Now I have an excuse not to watch the next slaughter.

Think I'll forgo the usual Carlings and have Wiser's on standby.


  1. Congi’s kickoff are not high enough and long enough and we are giving up way too much field position .
  2. Who was guarding Dressler ….Young ? How could he get open so easily all the time ..he lines up on the left and then runs to the right before the snap and suddenly wide open and Young trailing behind him by 5 plus yards over and over.
  3. Our defensive ends did not know how to contain . They over committed to the run fake too many times .
  4. Tisdale was the first DB we have had in a long long time where he tried to intercept the ball instead of just being beaten .
  5. Our defensive end in General did not have enough pressure
  6. We should never have touched our linebackers as jamal Is not suited for markieth;s role and eiben is not suited for jamals’s …Eiben was getting beaten out there one on one and we missed jamal getting at the passer …
  7. Rey Williams had a good game
  8. Marcell Young was burned all night against Dressler
  9. Congi is good on short field goals but not kickoffs
  10. I suggest we go with Stalla as the extra receiver instead of Jones to make 6 non imports on defence and then put markieth and jamal back to their old spots
  11. I also suggest we bring in anwar stewart ..we need his smart and cfl experience to play opposite end to Peach
  12. Let’s try RAY at safety Webb at halfback and give Turrene another look ..we can always put Tisdale at halfback and Wilkins or Turrene back at corner …our halfbacks are not looking good right now .
  13. If Ronnel Brown is able to play Nose Tackle maybe we consider using Anwar Stewart and Peach as ends and Kanya / or Eiben with our other 3 start linebackers .
  14. I think we lost some protection without a fullback or cobourne in the backfield .
  15. Chris Williams looked great
  16. We Need to use Giguerre and Fantuz more …and sticky Stalla too
  17. I liked how the aussie punter reacted to the bad snap ..what a tough guy just runs back picks it up and kicks it …

#10: I think we may see that on Friday.
#11: Anwar Stewart isn't going to help a thing.
#12: I think that makes our secondary worse. One halfback had a bad game, let's see what happens this week.

This has been brought up way too much and you, like everyone else, needs to realize that most of Congi's kickoffs were against the wind. He had one kickoff, the one to open the game, that was with the wind. I want to see what he does without winds blowing in his face before I judge his distance.

Agreed, but it's not going to happen. They want Stala to be super-sub and won't be putting him back in the starting lineup. The ship of three NIPs in the receiving corps has passed.

Also not going to happen. You've been bringing this up for a good while now and you need to let it go. Anwar Stewart is not going to sign with Hamilton. If he comes back to the league (and that is a HUGE 'if'), he's more likely to sign with Toronto than Hamilton.

Turenne isn't coming back, so don't hold your breath. If they're going to bring anyone back it'll be Josh Wilkins, who they released to make room for Tisdale after the trade.

Thanks for the great replies guys ..I agree with everything that was said .