Official June 29 Postgame Thread

Official June 29 Postgame Thread

ha, what a joke!

Another long season ahead!


Never seen a Ti-cat starting quarterback throw so many wobbly footballs in my life.

What an ugly start to the season. Denny where's the D.
Hey george didn't they give you one of those little yellow flags?

So in lieu of the "Burn the Witches" thread, I suppose this is what we have. It'll do.

Once again, this team looks incapable of winning season openers. I can understand the need to work out some kinks. I can understand some mistakes being made. I can even understand the Riders pulling off an upset win. But this?

On offence, Williams and Walker impressed, the latter perhaps demonstrating why Cobourne was scratched in getting the Ticats only TD. But even Williams dropped at least one he should have had. There were a few too many dropped passes from this receiving corps that was supposed to be a great one. And the O line sure did not always look impressive.

On defence, where to begin? Not much pressure on Durant, the secondary getting burned quite a few times, missed tackles...

On special teams, is Bartel really that much better than Congi when it comes to punting? Congi at least made his FG attempts. But the return game is not looking good for us.

Simply an ugly way to start the season. That is all.

I hate dwelling on the negatives, but there were very few positives tonight. Walker showed how dangerous he can be, but got shut down eventually. Chris Williams, same thing. Rey Williams showed flashes of greatness, but he was MIA on other plays. Other than that, I’m going to wait until I have calmed down.

Walker was amazing, especially on that 1 run. Williams was solid. Giguere looks promising. Overall the O looked decent, but only 1 really long play and it was called back.

D was horrible to put it mildly. We need Hinds back and better inside DB's, Dressler killed us all night long. Don't even get me started on the DLine

511 yards and five scores. Can only go up from there.

I understand what you're saying, CFO. I may have more to say about what happened this game later on. But I will say this...

That's one way of looking at it. Can it get any worse than this?

Good night.

That says it all,doesn't it??

Completely torched...

I don't see us doing alot better next week in BC on the road...

This is a mediocre football team that the front office never looked after key areas of concern in the off season...They seemed to be more interested in making headlines by making big signings while neglecting the key areas of weakness...

Bob Young's "Connie Mack Plan" is still intact...

I'm reserving judgement on our chances for this season.
But....Corey Chamblin?
He looks to have turned the Green team around in one off-season....and gained a huge amount of respect from his players. What did Saskatchewan see in him that the Tiger-Cats did not see?
Surely we would have been in pretty good shape with Corey running the defence again this year.
Why on earth did we let him go?

I generally dont comment on pre-season games, but there were a lot of lessons to learn from tonight's loss..what?...season opener???, never mind.

Whole new coaching, staff, with many new players, yet again.

Par for the course.

Starting all over will take time.

That is, if they ever give it time.

I'm more concerned about the last 6 games of the season than I am about the first 6.

I guess Bob Young's five year plan has turned into a fifteen year plan. He told me in another thread not to worry,
everything will be fine.
I said OK, but you know where the BUCK STOP'S.

too many penalties at crucial times
no pass rush from our D line
DB's who can't catch or tackle
not throwing the challenge flag
too thin in our Canadian starters- I think Giguere played hurt for about 3/4 of the game

In agreement except for your last statement. It's an 18-game regular season, with the value of every game equal. The most likely way to get into the Grey Cup is to finish first in the division. Winnipeg didn't get there last year because of their record (1-5) in the last 6 games. Anytime during the season, wins are most likely to occur at home and against the weakest teams. That was, in the opinion of most who follow the league seriously, the situation last night. That's a bad loss whenever!

Well, at least this was not a big surprise. Everyone knew the O-line and D-line were our two biggest weaknesses in the off-season - and the reason we got smoked in the East final. Maybe we should continue to focus on bringing in lots of receivers.

Which would you prefer? The team starting 6-0 and ending the season 0-6 going into the playoffs?..all games being equal

or starting 0-6, and going into the playoffs by finishing the season 6-0? ( similar to what BC did last year)

(Of course this is the extreme example, but I think you get my point)

Discipline and Punish wrote:

"Building a good offensive line takes time and patience."

I think we'll need to apply that principle to the rest of the team as well.

As excited as I was waiting for the game, I was equally anxious about the well documented concerns. My gut had a bad feeling about this one.

The only person on the Tiger cat coaching staff who has experience in their current position is the OC. There have been player and positional changes as well. Despite all the talent that has been assembled, it will take time before the gears begin to mesh.

Defensively, we did not have Greg Peach in the lineup. He was supposed to be our big DE. Remember how much havoc Willis, on his own, created in our offensive backfield last night. Hopefully, when Peach returns we can enjoy SIMILAR success.

At least twice Forde pointed out where Young was not able to cross over to pick up Dressler. Tactical error. Speedy Gonzales could not have made it in time with the distance and all the traffic the poor guy had to struggle through.

There was at least two pick 6's that our secondary had in its mitts, but dropped. Durant, at times, had a LOT of time to complete passes. We need the Dline to pick up the pace to help out the DB's.

I was disappointed to see Brad Miller go after last season. I thought the ST were very effective. I think, the best in years. I
have skeptical optimism (if there is such a thing) that Daley will get it done.

Burris still has a strong arm and can still run but, has already been pointed many times on this forum, needs an effective Oline to help him get it done.

I like Walker and with his speed and shifty moves, we may have our RB for the future. Success on our Oline will determine a great deal of that.

I still believe in our receiving corp. Williams, Grant and Stala were great last year, and with addition of Fantuz and Giguere, we will be that much better.

Many on this forum, including myself, pointed to concerns on the Oline, Dline and secondary. So, their problems should not be news. I thought getting rid of Belton was a mistake. I'm not sold on Simmons. Maybe, with better scheming and pouring over the gamefilm will provide answers to what went wrong last night.

This team went 0-3 last season until they started to turn it around (ironically against Saskatchewan). We had a rookie coaching staff then too. It took time for things to come together.

I think we're going through a SIMILAR scenario here. Like Discipline pointed out, we will need patience and faith. If, after 4 games, this train aint on the track, then I may join you in the panic room.

Having said all this, I believe after next weekend, we will be 0-2. I truly hope I'm wrong.

Just some thoughts....

And that’s why i used the word similar and even put it in uppercase, cause I don’t expect Peach to have the same degree of impact that Willis has had so far, Discipline.

It just seemed odd to me that Forde spotted it twice and yet, Creehan made no attempt, that I could see, to improve the situation. Sitting up in the spotter’s booth, it should have more apparent. But, maybe as someone else pointed out, he had already developed that deer in the headlights look and was too lost to adjust.

Take one of those pick 6’s, the Williams’ touchdown, and the non challenged SSK catch, flip the results and we would have had a totally different game. But, alas, what could have been…

Yes, I noticed on a couple of plays where Walker flubbed his block. No doubt, Cobourne could have changed those results.

Opening night gitters???