Official Head Coach suggestions thread:

Well if I was looking for a coach for the Ticats (and I'm sure Mr. Desjardins is doing this) I would want a coach who has a proven winning record with CFL experience. The problem with this is that they are pretty well all taken or near retirement age. So Charlie Taafe would seem to be the logical choice.

There's an old saying that you can give ten people each $100.00 and lock them in a room for a week and at the end of the week a couple of the guys would have all the money. It doesn't seem to be any different with coaches, the problem is finding one of those guys who have the smarts and the golden touch.
Wally Bouno and Don Mathews are two such coaches...they win everywhere they go. The one big thing I think they have in common is that they have that gift of picking out players who will excel in the CFL. They also find personel directors who have the same gift. With apologies to the Ticat scouts I haven't seen the same calibre of players being brought in as say the BC Lions.
So Marcel hasn't an easy job making a decision.
My choice if he was be available would be Mike Riley, but I think the pay scale in the NCAA I is higher then the CFL right now.

I wish Marcel luck he can't afford to make a mistake. But he should remember good players also make good coaches.

Jeff Tedford.

Stubler was unable to come up with a defence to stop Montreal's running game, in spite of having all season, and a floating salary cap, to do so.
Danny Barret hasn't yet shown that he can win big games; also when Shivers was fired, he should have shown more support/loyalty by resigning. After all, it was Shivers who got him the job.
Burrato ?
Don Matthews - fired by Edmonton, then Montreal, due to some illness that was affecting his coaching decisions or ?????? illness
My vote is for Taaffe.

Reilly and Tedford are in a stream that includes mega coaching bucks.

Are the coach salaries part of the SMS in 2007?

Jim Leavitt hc of usf

Ron Meyer former L.V posse hc of cfl and Indianapolis colts hc

June Jones, Hawaii hc, former coach of the Atlanta Falcons

Joe Tiller, hc of Purdue

Scotty Bowman
Now there is some out-of-the-box thinking. Scotty is one of the great coaches of all time in any sport according to Sports Illustrated. If anyone could build a champion in two different sports it would be Coach Bowman. Anyone know his phone number? ;-)

[b]Sign up for a long distance telephone service today and pry Danny Barrett away from Saskatchewan Tel territory.

You know you want to, and the clock is ticking so...

Do it today! [/b]


1!- Coach Marshall, (Yes bring him back) 2)Matt Dunnigan,(a Ticat) 3)Don Mathews (get with the program) 4) Steve Marioucheh (sp) (program suites CFL) 5)Danny Barrett (sp)-HAS Potential 6)Mike Ditka -Will draw fans from toronto and buffalo- The next H.C has to install a program , a long term system that will reflect the Hamilton Tigercat,s longstanding tradition of hardhat football, -imo new H.C should bring up two CIS Hcoaches as OC, and D.C sorry i dont know their names, Saskatchewan Huskies as Dc, and Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks as OC, and DRAFT - Joshua Sacobie -please :thup:

Here is my Top 5 Bob,
Personally I like 1 the Best.

(1) Charlie Taafe this should be the #1 Choice.
(2)Mike Riley He Knows the CFL Game
(3)John Hufnagel will cost a Pretty Penny.
(4)Wally Bono Talk to your good Friend
(5)Tom Clements QB Coach in Green-bay for OC in Buffalo.

I think that whoever is hired should be a defensive genuis and have the ability to extract every ounce of talent from his players.
Some of the names that have been floating around here I don't think are capable of that.

Danny Barret - No, an offensive coach that just can't bring it all together when it counts
Don Matthews - No, age and health are catching up to him
Steve Burato - No, An offensive coach. He was fired because his players couldn't get it done in his system
Charlie Taff - He's an offensive guy. Don't know if he would be the right fit for the Cats
Other Greg Marshall - No head coach experience.

I would like to see someone like Mike Ditka. A coach that is intense, smart and can get everything out of his players.
I don't know if there is someone like that available with CFL experience but that is the kind of person you want

I would like to see someone like Mike Ditka. A coach that is intense, smart and can get everything out of his players.
I don't know if there is someone like that available with CFL experience but that is the kind of person you want

I suggested Ditka more for marketing , Ditka is to football as John Brophie is to Hockey, - hed k players a if they didnt win, no genuis just results(temp)

Did you see our Offence last year
It made Sunks Smell good...
We need an Offence Minded Head Coach.

Our Defence was not that bad.
it is just they where on Field Way too much.
you can't win with Just Defence anymore.
The Way our 72 Team Did.

If you Hire Rich Stubler as Our new Head Coach.
You using the same Defence System that We used last Year with Kavis Reed..Who Think Kavis Learn from ?

The Stubler system to Defence dose not work
Unless your loaded with Talent.
with a new Cap in Place it is less Likely to work in Steeltown.

Hell if Your going to hire a Head Coach who knows Stubler system Hire Kavis as the head coach.
He'll be 2nd Black Head Coach in CFL If Barret keeps his job . Frankly it would not be a Good Idea cause of his lack of head coach Experience..

The New CFL Requires Offence to win More then Ever.
That is Why Charley is my top Pick
Hopefully He be Named the Head man Soon.

Defence wins championships. Offence wins fans.

I believe that a highly successful defensive coach will be able to bring in an OC that could do the job. Reason for this is that the OC will need to beat this man in practice if that can be accomplished then he knows how to run an offence against the best defences.

Ditka may be a bit of a nut bar at times as was Frank Kush but these men are able to elicit the best out of their players.

Find a coach that is intense and brilliantly defensive minded and you will have the foundation for a winning team

Al Bruno.....

Al was a great coach. He brought me some of my best memories as a Ticat fan.


I'm sure you fellas in the front office have these names on your list already but here are my suggestions....

Charlie Taffe
Greg Marshall (the other).

Good luck in the selection process. I hope you can get someone who is of the same calibre as Marcel Desjardins.

sam mitchell
brian colangelo
larry brown
cito gaston

What's with this Mike Ditka stuff? We are not Da Bears.

Charlie Taafe
Mike Riley
John Hufnagel
George Cortez

I am sure the fans appreciate the team asking for suitable candidates for the vacant head coach position. However, in the business world a successful organization has employee involvement as a number one priority. The Tiger Cat fans are not employees and should have little or no say regarding the next head coach. The fans are just paying customers for a service rendered. Top notch intertainment.

In the past the Tiger Cats have made some very serious mistakes when they hired an unproven Greg Marshall and several assistant coaches.I realize I am contradicting myself, none the less the head coach must be a motivator with a PROVEN track record.
The head coach must also be able to add discipline
and a sence of pride to our organization. We need a person who can see the game from all aspects of field. The coach must be a defensive, offensive, special teams expert. And last but not least, a person who can evaluate players and make hard and difficult decisions. For the reason listed above,
Danny Barrett should not be our next head coach.

I trust the team will use a multy targeted selection process to find our next head coach. Please do not hire the coach just because the fans or the players like him/her ...... find the correct fit with a proven track record.